The Saving Of Energy Essay

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1. Introduction
2. Improvements to the insulation of the structure of the houses
2.1 Draught-proofing
2.2 Wall insulation
2.3 Floor insulation
2.4 Windows
2.5 Roof insulation
3. Energy Audit
4. Examine methods of supplying
4.1 Air source heat pumps
4.2 Ground Source Heat Pumps
4.3 Solar panels (PV)
4.4 Solar water heating
4.5 Thermal stores
4.6 Wood-fuelled heating
5. Critical analysis of the performance
5.1 Air source heat pumps
5.2 Ground Source heat pumps
5.3 Solar Panels
5.4 Solar Water Heating
5.5 Wood-fuelled heating
6. Bibliography

1. Introduction
Currently, there is an excessive consumption of energy in buildings, which constitutes an obstacle to the achievement of the assumptions inherent in the development and sustainable construction sector. For this reason, efforts should be develop to enable the construction of energy efficient buildings, which relies on the adoption of a set of techniques aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the building throughout its life cycle, and at the same time ensuring comfort to the occupants.

2. Improvements to the insulation of the structure of the houses

2.1 Draught-proofing
Is one of the most efficient ways to save energy and also one of the cheapest. Draughts are a little like ventilation, both let fresh air into the house. Adequate ventilation helps reduce condensation and humidity, however draughts are uncontrolled: they let in a lot of cold air and lose heat.
To draught-proof the house, must block up unwanted gaps that allow cold air in and hot air out. Saving hot air means that less energy will be used to heat the home, making the house comfortable and pleasant and besides everything, less money will be spent.

2.2 Wall Insulation
If the home was constructed after 1920, the chances are that its external walls are made of two layers with a gap or cavity between each other. Cavity wall closes that gap, keeping the heat in to save energy. It can also help reduce condensation inside the house if this is a problem on the outsidel walls

2.3. Floor insulation
As much as 15% of the heat in a room can be lost through floors not insulated. Adequately insulating the floor will not only warm feet, but will also help save money. Insulating the floor and baseboards can save up to £85 a year.
Solid floors like concrete shall, normally, lose less heat than suspended floors. However they can still be insulated by putting a new layer of rigid insulation on top. This would typically be covered by chipboard plus the desired floor covering. The insulation can be set directly above the existing concrete.
This method will increase the level of the floor, skirting boards and, potentially, a few power outlets will need to be refurbished and doors will have to be trimmed.
Laying a continuous waterproof membrane under the insulation is recommended, being careful to overlap with any damp-proof course in the outside walls. Damp-proof membranes may...

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