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The Scarlet Letter By:Hawthorne Symbolisms, Thoughts On The Book, Characters.

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The Scarlet Letter Essay I did enjoy reading The Scarlet Letter, but at times I didn`t enjoy reading it at all. Some times it felt like the chapters would drag on and on, and my mind would wonder. I would have to reread paragraphs and pages because I was bored, the point Hawthorne was trying to get across, or I just didn`t understand some of the words. He uses a wide rage of vocabulary, words that I wasn`t always familiar with. But on the positive side, what I did enjoy about the book was the fact that the author takes a woman and makes her the strongest of all the characters. I liked his usage of symbols throughout the book. There`s the rose bush, the prison gate, the scaffold, the forest, and many others that he uses to help paint a picture for the reader and to make the story more interesting. I really enjoyed the character development of Pearl. She was one of the most interesting characters to read about. You never really knew how she would react to certain situations. She was just a little girl, and you wouldn`t think that she would always know what was going on, but then she would say something that would just blow you away at her incite on different subjects, or what was going on with her mother and/or other characters in the book. The Scarlet Letter has many characters, and they are all shown in either a light or dark way, which I felt was interesting. The characters all seem to change in some sort of way throughout the book. An example would be Chillingworth, Chillingworth is a doctor who is Hester Prynne's husband. He becomes obsessed with finding the father of Hester`s baby. At first, he is accepted into the small Puritan town as a well educated doctor. Slowly the towns people become frightened of him, for his appearance has grown dark. Some say that he is slowly killing the minister. When people see him, they describe him as chilling. Then there is Reverend Dimmesdale, who is the father of Hester`s child Pearl, but no one knows this. He is held in high esteem by the town as pure. but he holds his secret for seven years of being the man who impregnated Hester. His guilt keeps eating away at him, turning him into a sick, pale looking man. He no longer is happy and full of joy as he once used to be, but in the dark. His companion is Chillingworth, who is already seen as someone of a dark state, turns him to step on to his dark side. Hester Prynne, who in my eyes is one of the strongest characters, is forced to wear a badge of shame with the letter A. The "A" stands for adulteress. I feel she develops from a strong woman to an even stronger one. Never letting anyone break her, or let her see her hurt, she goes on to raise her daughter all by herself. While being scorned upon by the rest of the town, Hester does whatever she has to do to survive. Hester still shows her face in town, even going to church every Sunday along with the rest of the town. When she goes into the town, she can feel the stares upon her and hear the...

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Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne: The sins of the characters

2990 words - 12 pages August 27, 2002The Sins of the Puritans"In Adam's fall, we sinned all."(Hall, 1)This quote from the New England primer much pertains to Nathaniel Hawthorne's characters in The Scarlet Letter. The Puritans were a people dedicated to improving themselves according to a certain set of principles that were exclusively Puritan. On the personal level, a Puritan would struggle to reach perfection by living out this system of values. If they did not

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678 words - 3 pages always feeling remorse for them as well, because he feels that they are just. Towards the end of the novel, Dimmsdale joins both Hester and Pearl on the scaffold to be shamed in public together, after he realizes that he must move on from his sin, just as Hester did, and learn to grow from it. These were the effects of Dimmdale's sin. These are the three main characters through out the novel “The Scarlet Letter” who are most affected by sin: Hester Prynne, Chillingworth, and Dimmsdale. Each of their live sis altered during the plot due to their sin.

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1071 words - 4 pages The Scarlet Letter as a Method of Understanding CharactersIn The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne uses his characters' reactions to the scarlet letter to illustrate society's influence on the beliefs of individuals. Generally, the individual will adopt the beliefs of those around him, but if a person is mistreated by, or separated from, the community, this tendency can be curtailed. The typical Bostonian treats the scarlet letter simply as a symbol of

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1270 words - 5 pages 2) Treatment of characters at psychological level in "The Scarlet Letter"Hawthorne was an explorer of the dark recesses of the human soul. Hawthorne shows himself as a really great psychologist in The SCarlet Letter. It is the inner life of the characters that constitutes the main theme of this novel. The inter relationships of the various characters among themselves, and their individual relationships to society, are worked out and developed

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1012 words - 4 pages During the course of the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, I Pearl feel very scared, confused and angry. I am apparently the daughter of a woman who is convicted of committing something called adultery. This makes me wonder what this word means, and why my mother has the letter “A” upon her bosom. People in the town have been saying this is a very bad sin. Even though the people of the town say that my mother Hester

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590 words - 2 pages Actions that people take not only affect them but also affect the people closest to them. In The Scarlet Letter Pearl and Hester, Chillingworth and Dimmesdale are all affect by the sin of adultery committed by Hester. This sin has a different amount of impact emotional, physical, and mental impact on each character. Hester Prynne was impacted most out of all of the characters; she was the adulteress. She has to deal with public humiliation

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696 words - 3 pages Everyone commits sins, but in Puritan times, one was looked at as somewhat of a lower class if a sin was committed. Not only that but the punished was very cruel. That's exactly what happened in The Scarlet Letter. In this book there are a great variety of themes, conflicts, and of course the symbols that can help understand a story better.The scarlet letter took place in Boston in the year 1642. Hester the protagonist of this story had

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2247 words - 9 pages Use of Romanticism in Development of Characters in The Scarlet Letter        In Hawthorne's revered novel The Scarlet Letter, the use of Romanticism plays an important role in the development of his characters. He effectively demonstrates individualism in Hester to further our understanding of the difficulties of living in the stern, joyless world of Puritan New England.  It is all gloom and doom.  If the sun ever shines, one could

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982 words - 4 pages Sin is very difficult thing to comprehend with many gray areas as to what a sin is and if it can be repented for. However, when one commits what they or what other people force them to believe is a grave sin the after effects of the punishment can drastically change a person's physical or mental being like in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. The three main characters, Hester Prynne, Roger Chillingworth, and Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale, all

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788 words - 3 pages The Effects and Implications of Sin in The Scarlet LetterPublished in 1850, The Scarlet Letter was the first American tragedy. It was written by one of America's greatest writers, Nathaniel Hawthorne. This story deals with problems of secret sin and the guilt of a tortured conscience. Hawthorne uses a fictional symbol and a fictional woman to weave a tale with ageless significance. The Scarlet Letter is a psychological novel, dealing not only

An intersting perspective on character analysis, as seen by consideration being given to decisions that characters make. ("The Scarlet Letter", "Hunger of Memory" and "Catch-22")

1607 words - 6 pages positive manner and ultimately could change the course of events radically or insignificantly. An analysis of the choices made and how the characters came about to making those choices reveals a great wealth of information and provides an avenue into the psyche of the character and the situation they are in. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez are three very different books

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911 words - 4 pages her child that was born while she was in prison, she was given one more chance to let the court know who the father was, but she still refuse to let them know. As a remainder of her crime her punishment continued as she was forced to wear the "Scarlet Letter," a letter A representing the word adulterer, on her clothes everywhere she went. During this her husband Roger Prynne, who was only captured by the Native Americans not murdered, ended up

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1048 words - 5 pages The Scarlet Letter, a book of sin and guilt, reveals two characters that are so purely evil, that it is hard to believe that such characters could be created---Roger Chillingworth and Mistress Hibbins. Chillingworth and Hibbins may seem like good people, but they really just symbolize evil. Roger Chillingworth is the elderly husband of Hester Prynne, who is shunned by the whole colony of Boston Massachusetts for the sin of adultery she has

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1220 words - 5 pages she eventually overcomes her shame. Through his use of characterization, Hawthorne explores the effects of sin on various characters, suggesting that the most beneficial response to sin is truth.The actions of Hester Prynne throughout The Scarlet Letter are utilized by the author to examine the success of her response to sin. The novel begins with Hester being condemned by the community for her adulterous sin. The crowd gathers to "stare at the

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967 words - 4 pages who broke these laws and paid the consequences. Usually this was the case because of their pride. Still, not everyone was punished; many people escaped unharmed with their "crimes". Two books written about the Puritan time period, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Crucible by Arthur Miller, show several imperfect characters who have sinned, some who are punished for their actions and others who are not.   &nbsp