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The Scarlett Letter Essay

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Scientific advances have always either benefitted or harmed us. Case in point, medicine saves human lives. In contrast, chemical warfare harms human lives. In the “Scarlett Letter”, Roger Chillingworth, a world renowned scholar, chooses the path of evil. Chillingworth ends up turning into a “fiend” because of his desire to extract revenge on Dimmesdale for having an affair with his wife. The Scarlett Letter and society today correlates to one another by intellectual arrogance and technological advances endowing the human race to do evil.
In the beginning of the novel, Roger Chillingworth arrives in Boston from being captured by Indians for two years. Hester notices him and he “slowly and calmly raised his finger, and laid [his finger] on his lips” he made the gesture to Hester so that she will not tell anyone who he is (pg. 57). Chillingworth asks a few questions as to what is going on and who the father to Hester’s daughter, Pearl. When the townsman replied, “Madam Hester [refuse] to speak”, Chillingworth exclaimed, “He will be known” (pg. 59). Later, at the prison, Chillingworth disguises himself as a doctor to try to talk with Hester. Chillingworth offers Hester and her daughter medicine, but Hester simply denies the medicine; she believes he wants to get his revenge on her. Chillingworth denies trying to harm her and he said, “foolish woman, the medicine is potent for good, and were [the drug] for my child, I could not do better for [the child]” (Pg. 67). After Hester accepts the medicine, she and Roger had a very detail emotional conversation as to what went wrong with their marriage. Roger blames himself and said, “How could I delude myself with the idea that intellectual gifts might veil physical deformity in a young girl’s fantasy” (pg. 70). At the end of the conversation, Chillingworth asks Hester If she can promise not tell anyone who he is because he wants to find out who committed adultery with Hester.
Toward the middle of the novel, Roger starts to figure out that Arthur Dimmesdale who had the affair with Hester. He starts to get real close with Dimmesdale and when Arthur gets real sick Roger suggests that he may move in so he can keep a close eye on Dimmesdale. Chillingworth primary goal is finding out Dimmesdale’s secret and torment him. Thus, Chillingworth gets the name “leech” because he sucks the life out of Dimmesdale (Ch. 9). Later, Hester went to see Chillingworth, so she can persuade him into telling Dimmesdale the truth. From their conversation, Chillingworth now knows with certainty that Dimmesdale was Hester’s lover and that Hester understands the aware of his acknowledgement. A change comes over Chillingworth, and he realizes how evil he has become, he utters, “Was I not all… and what am I now” (Pg. 156). Hester begs him to relent in his revenge and become human again. Then, the two engage into an argument over whom to blame for their current state of affairs. At the end of the argument, he exclaims to her, “Now go...

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