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The Science Behind Medical Imaging Essay

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Throughout time, the modern-day medical applications have undergone many accomplishments. Nowadays there are many opportunities to receive information about human bodies, with that being said, medical imaging has created a more efficient practice. Over time, a variety of different medical imaging have been developed, however each have their own disadvantages and advantages.
The ultrasound is a medical imaging application. Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves. From there, the ultrasound machine creates images from the sound waves. The sound waves allow people to view the structure and organs located in the body (Ultrasound: Medline). Many professionals use the ultrasounds to ...view middle of the document...

Another application used in the medical field is molecular imaging.
Molecular imaging is another application used in medical imaging. Molecular imaging is a specific type of medical imaging which allows people to view detailed images of the activities occurring throughout the body at the molecular and cellular level (About Nuclear). This application enables physicians to view how the body is functioning and to measure the chemical and biological processes. Molecular imaging techniques use multiple types of light microscopes and a variety of “optical probes,” which are molecules that have been specifically labeled to emit light of various different wavelengths, that “contrast” the target cells of interest from other cells (Publications). This specific application is very easy to use. Molecular imaging is great for external areas of the body, however not for internal areas. Molecular imaging was made possible by the advances in molecular and cell biology techniques. Also, molecular imaging was first presented in the early 70’s, in nuclear medicine. However it was not until the mid 90’s that efforts were made to advance the technologies and to broaden the biological and molecular field (Publications). Overall, molecular imaging procedures are safe and painless! Molecular imaging is used to manage and diagnose the proper treatment for cancer, heart disease, brain disorders (such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), gastrointestinal disorders, lung disorders, bone disorders, kidney and thyroid disorders and much more (About Nuclear). X-rays are an additional application used in medical imaging.
Lastly, x-rays are another form of medical imaging. X-rays (which is radiography) is one of the oldest diagnostic imaging procedures performed and continues to be entitled one of the most effective methods. The purpose of x-rays are to thoroughly evaluate the chest, musculoskeletal system and sometimes the gastrointestinal system (X-Ray). The performance of x-ray exams include small amounts of radiation, that can pass through the selected area of the body to eventually produce an image. With that being said, it could negatively impact the human body. Additionally, it is known that x-rays could possibly cause cellular damage due to the action of converting rays and removing electrons from atoms. The risk is slim, but not impossible. Many people believe that the x-rays causing cellular damage could lead to cancer. Also, it is possible for the x-ray procedures negatively affect the ovary cells/sperm cells, which makes a person infertile. Since x-rays could be dangerous to many...

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