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Around the world people love. They live for love, they write for love, the sing, eat, cook, die and kill for love (ForumNetwork, 2009). Since the beginning of recorded time, people have wondered why love is such an intense and universal feeling. There is no culture in this planet that does not have love (ForumNetwork, 2009). This essay will only talk about romantic love were sexuality and attraction are involved. Romantic love, is one of the most powerful energies on earth (ForumNetwork, 2009), it is indeed one on the most addictive substances we can experience at least once in our life. The rush of cocaine and the rush of being in love depend on the same chemicals in our brain (ForumNetwork, 2009); we are literally addicted to love. The feeling of being in love does not depend whether the other part loves you back or not, it will help you feel more happy that is for sure, but the intensity of the feeling loved or heartbroken is the same, they both depart from the same principle: the love and desire of the other. Love remains in the most basic system of our brain, under all cognitive process, under all motor impulses; it is placed in our reward system, the most ancient systems of all (ForumNetwork, 2009).

In order to gather all the information we have got in the science of love, many researchers in different fields have cooperated to form an idea of what occurs when love happens. One of the world leading researches in this field is the American anthropologist Helen Fisher, author of many best-seller books such as why we love, or why him, why her. She has worked with many neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologist, and doctors in order to achieve a big experiment where brains of participants that claimed to be in love or heartbroken were studied with MRI scans. They found very interesting data, and found indeed what brain parts are activated with love. The aim if this work is to explain how chemical substances produced by our body play an important role in falling and feeling in love based primordially in the research of Helen Fisher. According to her, humans have evolved three different brain systems for love (2004). It one has its own function; first we have the sex drive, which evolved to give the craving for sexual gratification with a big range of partners (Fisher, 2004). Second we have the romantic love, associated with focussing attention to a specific person, the special one (Fisher, 2004). Finally attachment is the feeling of love and security with a long-term relation partner (Fisher, 2004).
Love is a chain reaction (DiscoveryNetworks, 2009). The first step in this ladder is the lust, the sex drive our sexual behaviour (Fisher, 2004). This is an unconscious attraction toward someone. Hormones are the fuel we need to show and seek for someone compatible, the substance of lust; testosterone and estrogen are presented in both men and women, they trigger the production of more other neurochemicals and body substances that interact in...

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