The Scientific Explanation For The Existence Of Vampires

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Vampires have been seen and documented throughout history. The history ofvampires goes further back in time than most people realize. The chaldeans, who livednear the Euphrates river in the southwestern part of Asia more than five hundred yearsbefore the time of Christ , feared vampire or creatures similar to vampires enough so thatthey created charms to protect themselves from being attacked by such creatures. TheAssyrians and the Babylonians feared a creature similar to a vampire known as anEkimmu. These creatures known as Ekimmus were believed by the Assyrians to roam theplanet searching for food although it was not always a persons blood but rather a persons'vitality or that persons' energy force. It was believed that if such a creature would entersomeone's house that person along with his or her family would slowly weaken, get sickand probably die. In the countries of Syria and Palestine references were made to suchblood sucking monsters on ancient carved tablets. In Ireland the people believed in thesecreatures, which they affectionately came to call 'red blood suckers' . Due to their beliefin these mythical creatures they began the practice of placing stones on these vampiresgraves to kep them from escaping.This then became standard practice and is still used tothis day in the form of a tombstone. Tombstones were used to control ghosts and otherspirits instead of their original use in controlling vampires.Due to the fact that vampires seemed to be so commonplace around the globe,there was a large variety of vampires that differed in shape, behavior and method ofbecoming a vampire. All of these factors varied from region to region. In the country ofBulgaria a vampire had only one nostril. This Bulgarian vampire would rise out of it'sgrave nine days after death in the form of a shower of sparks and remained in this shapefor a period of forty days. After the completion of these forty days the shower of sparkswould regain it's human form. Once human-like the vampire goes from playing childishtricks, which it did in it's 'spark' form , to more serious matters , such as the attacking ofhumans and drinking of their blood. Vampires are well known for their craving forblood but in many countries vampires were not limited to just that substance as part oftheir diet, but would also consume foods that humans ate such as eggs and rice. That,however, does not mean that their yearn for blood was any weaker than before. Mostvampires would attack their victims and suck the blood from puncture wounds made inthe neck (The Russian vampire would suck the blood directly from the victims heart).Sometimes the vampire would gorge itself until it had drained the victim completelywhile other times it would take just enough to satisfy that night's thirst and come back thefollowing night and take a bit more. The method of drinking from the same victim nightafter night would cause the victim to get weaker and weaker . Due to the fact that thevictim was indeed attacked...

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