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The tasteless society of America, never looking beyond the outer shell of its' citizens. This is the life that Willa Cather decided to write about in "The Sculptor's Funeral". Cather does a magnificent job of showing how society will look down on the necessary but minor things in life, or Harvey Merrik. It must take personal insight to show the true meaning of every person. She show's how beauty and art actually have a place in the business world. Willa demonstrates how great people overcome great obstacles, and states how prophets are not recognized in their hometown. These are all shown in "The Sculptor's Funeral". Beauty and art will always have a place in the business world. Today, if you see a beautiful house or a beautiful building, it is because someone makes a living off of beautifying the world. Without these people and their work-place the world would be dull very un-interesting. The sculptures that Harvey produces make the world more attractive, but also make him misunderstood. The artists today still make a living off of putting beauty into the workplace. This is a very strong point wanting to be made by Willa. Although not always demonstrated, great persons have overcome great obstacles.Harvey had to overcome his childhood and the belittlement of his whole town to become the respected person in his new life. Cather herself overcame large obstacles. Being born in the hills of West Virginia, she supported herself through college and became an outstanding writer. Another example is Martin Luther King Jr. who overcame the reality of death to become the most respected speaker in history. Great people do not always...

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