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The Sea Battle Of Life Essay

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Marlins and the sea are usually never associated with lions. They are, however, in The Old Man and the Sea written by Ernest Hemingway. Together they are extremely symbolic in the novella. Lions are often the subject of Santiago’s dreams and they represent youth and nature. The old man hooks a marlin and fights the fish which represents a beautiful challenge. Santiago’s universe is the sea and it stands for a way of life. Manhood has also been a connector for the three aspects and is intertwined with them all. The sea, marlin and the lions all symbolic attributes of youth, challenges, life and are all attached to an idea of manhood.
Manolin is one of the main characters in the novella and he represents faith, love and loyalty. The old man is in constant need of help and Manolin is always there for him no matter what the circumstance. The narrator explains, “the boy’s parents had told him that the old man was now definitely and finally salao, which is the worst form of unlucky” (Hemingway 9). The passage implies that Manolin’s parents did not want him to be hanging around the old man but despite their wishes he helps the old man from day to day. He shows great loyalty to the old man and does not care what the other people think of him because he knows he is helping a friend in need. Manolin is one of the only reasons the old man stays alive because he gives much needed moral support and buys Santiago essential living items. Everything that he does to care for the old man is thoughtful and Manolin does it carefully and lovingly. He is an incredible, mature boy to do all his work at such a young age and he has experienced things that normal boys would not have at that age. The old man retells the story to Manolin, “you were nearly killed when I brought the fish in too green and he nearly tore the boat to pieces” (Hemingway 12). This incident proves how young he was out with the old man and experiencing incredible things that could have killed him. Even though he almost dies Manolin still wants to be with the old man and wants to help him and this shows true loyalty among people. Manolin says to Santiago, “the greatest fisherman is you… there are many good fisherman and some great ones. But there is only you” (Hemingway 23). Manolin is probably the only one that has faith in him to catch anything because everyone else thinks he is unlucky. The old man needs moral support and Manolin is always there to encourage him and make him feel better. He has faith that Santiago will catch something great because he has seen what he is capable of and believes he can prove everyone else wrong. Later when Manolin comes to check on Santiago “the boy… then saw the old man’s hands and he started to cry… he did not care that they saw him crying… tell them not to bother Santiago” (Hemingway 122-123). The fact that he, a boy, is crying shows that he loves the old man and is upset to know that Santiago is hurt. Manolin is concerned about the...

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