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The Search For A New Steward Continues

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We had temporarily stopped the roof from leaking in 2010, and we had taken steps to make the premises look more presentable early in 2011. The property wasn’t selling, and our patience was being tested. Our agent’s real estate firm encouraged us to put the property up for auction to coincide with the Clayton Antique Boat Show in August 2011. The auction would be under the direction of another company associate, and we agreed to deposit funds to be used for advertising. If the property sold, our advertising expense would be returned. Our realtor would still receive his above-marketplace commission, and their associate would receive a premium added onto the selling price. We agreed on a ...view middle of the document...

In assessing the situation at the end of the 2011 season, I noted that the property had now been listed for three years and interest had actually waned from my perspective. Showings were rare and a request for a viewing was often within an hour or two of when I received the call. One afternoon curiosity seekers arrived with our realtor without an appointment. Kira was at the house alone, and neither of us was pleased that our agent would bring totally unqualified buyers to the property without our approval.
Our rapport with our agent was in decline. We were providing the transportation in some cases after our realtor’s boat developed mechanical problems that were never resolved. We hadn’t received a single serious offer, and my sisters, Kira and I were all becoming disenchanted with the realty firm. I had been forced into a corner of my own design because I had argued for a realtor that would promote the historic preservation of the house. At yearend I said, “I want to give our realtor one more year, and if the property doesn’t sell in 2012, I’ll agree to a change.”
The Zooks returned to do more cosmetic work in 2012. We decided that repainting the white trim in the kitchen and on the porches would produce the best results for what we had available to spend.
I marveled at how diligent these fellows were. They took no coffee breaks and their lunch hour was over in twenty minutes. They gave the attic floor a second cleaning then moved on to the onerous task of scraping paint. For three days of at least six hours each day, they scraped paint from railings, moldings and trim. After new white stain was applied the exterior looked fantastic.
It had been two years since we had re-sheeted the roof and added the Grace water guard. Leaks were developing again, and it was past time to re-shingle the roof. The roofing contractor, Kyle Felder, also recommended replacing the cedar shakes around the third story dormers while the crew was set-up on the roof.
Kira and I assumed a new role in our capacity as the two remaining...

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