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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]7WitherspoonJazmin WitherspoonC. RussellEnglish 10112 October 2013The Search for an AnswerClimate change is no longer a myth, it cannot be argued against nor can it be ignored. Americans and people all around the world are in danger of losing the only home they have ever known, Earth. However, many people have no idea how much danger they are really in and those that do have no idea what to do about it. To many climate change is a confusing topic with many opposing view points bringing nothing but more questions. Who should they listen to? Who is right? What should they do? Anyone who researches Global Warming will find a plethora of sources and views, but to find a clear idea of what Global Warming is and who they should listen to it is important for people to educate themselves from all sides. Listening to one side or one view could mean more than not having an open mind, it could lead to stalemate and in a situation where time is limited a stalemate can mean the end of life as we know it.Michael Branch uses previous works of Bill McKibben such as The End of Nature (1989), Maybe One (1998), Enough (2003), and Deep Economy (2007) to prove that McKibben has always been an asset to the cause of climate change. The End of Nature, McKibben's first book, and possibly the first book to ever address the subject of climate change to the average person, began his idea that the planet is no longer what it used to be and that everything weather and climate related is a result of man-made circumstances "McKibben argued… We are now observing something that is, at least in part, a product of human culture" (Branch Par.1). Branch then continues into a brief summary of Eaarth, which follows the pattern of vivid images and advanced story-telling to further enhance the idea that the earth is no longer the docile planet it once was, "The assertion that the planet we most fear - a planet on which the devastating effects of global warming are changing the fabric of our ecosystems, weather, agriculture, and economy - is in fact the planet on which we already live", climate change and global warming are no longer threats of the future, but dangers of the present (Par. 2).While Michael Branch praises the writing style and many accomplishments of Bill McKibben he also makes a point to highlight the weakness of his most recent piece, Eaarth "McKibben devotes most of his book to a rather numbing rehearsal of the appalling impacts of global warming, and in this respect he may risk alienating the popular audience he seeks" (p.4). Branch believes that through the use of many statistics and monotonous repetitions McKibben might actually repel the audience he is trying to reach, but even Branch is at a loss of how to reach people in an appropriate way, using movies such as The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Everything's Cool (2007), and An Inconvenient Truth (2006) to show the drastically different ways that people can be reached when it...

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