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The Search For A Better Reality

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The Search for a Better Reality

Life is not easy. It is all about surviving the storms that you will eventually have to face. As a result, sometimes people feel overwhelmed, and they try to find ways that will allow them to break away from reality. In most cases, individuals resort to escape either because they want to be relieved from all of their responsibilities, or because they are trying to avoid facing unpleasant truths or painful situations.

Everyone deals with tough circumstances in a different way. For example, some folks try to avoid problems and painful facts in their lives by drinking, or even doing drugs. They know that using these substances will not solve their problems, but it will buy them some time free of stress and troubles. In addition, other people attempt to find some kind of shelter, where they can feel safe and be happy even if it is doesn’t last long. Overall, these behaviors allow individuals to escape from everything that is too hurtful, or hard for them to deal with.

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt the need to escape. Take, for example Sue Monk Kidd’s novel The Secret Life of Bees or Katie Crouch’s Men and Dogs. The Secret Life of Bees is about a young girl named Lily Owens, who searches for answers to her mother’s death, while Men and Dogs talks about a now grown woman named Hannah Legare that is looking for answers to her father’s disappearance. Both of these novels focus on characters that constantly try to get away from difficult situations, or even reality itself. Also, in these works of literature, the protagonists try to escape from the truth. Yet, in contrast, they both eventually realize that facing the facts is much more liberating than avoiding them. Thus, clearly these two novels have a lot of similarities especially when it comes to their main characters.

In the Secret Life of Bees and in Men and Dogs, the main characters try to escape from the agonies of their everyday lives by creating an idealistic place, where they can feel safe and be happy. In Sue Monk Kidd’s novel, Lily’s “special place” (pg. 14) was out in the orchard. There she had hidden a tin box that contained the only belongings that she had left from her mother (pg. 14). She would go there periodically in order to fill the hole that not having a mother figure had created. Similarly, in Katie Crouch’s book, Hannah resorts to “nowhere” (pg. 50), which is a hidden storage room behind her closet. She used to go there every time she needed to get away from everyone that reminded her that her father was dead, since she believes that he is still alive (pg. 16). In addition, nowhere was a gate to a better reality for her, since she would always say that she wants to live “anywhere but here” (pg. 51). Consequently, it is understandable that Hannah wanted to leave all of the haunting memories of her father’s disappearance behind because they were consuming every day of her life. So, these places where a method for Lily and...

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