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The Search For True Love In The Chaser By John Collier

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The Chaser,” by John Collier is a short story about a young man, Alan Austen, who is desperate to find love. Finding true love takes time and some people may not ever find it. Alan Austen has had a rough time finding true love and is looking for a way find it quickly. He is willing to try anything for love. Austen is searching for a potion the will make someone Diana fall in love with him. He does not want just anyone to fall in love with him; he wants Diana. Unfortunately, he is pursing is a fake love and he will live a miserable life if……. Austen will realize living without love is better than forcing love. In John Collier's "The Chaser," Alan Austen feels desperate to make Diana love him and ignores warning signs, but will eventually regret his rash decision to seek out the old man's potions.
Use who or whom instead of that in referring to people or characters. Where are the citations?
Alan Austen locates a man that who sells love potions, but ignores the old man’s warnings and still wants it. The old man is clever and tells Austen about the glove cleaner first. He warns Austen about the potion and how serious it is. Austen isn’t aware that the old man is trying to tell him that he will not want the potion in the end. Austen doesn’t comprehend what he got himself into. He is so desperate to find love, he is not aware that he is doing is the wrong way. He purchases the love potion from the old man. From past experiences, the old man knows he will be back soon for the glove cleaner. The glove cleaner, is a dangerous poison, that is very dangerous and expensive. This was told to Austen, but he didn’t think that it would be necessary. Regrettably, he was wrong and desperately needs it. Continue working on sentence variety. Look for ways to cut out some words and vary patterns.
Sentence variety: Sentence variety:
Austen disregards what the old man says about the “fake love” and buys the potion anyways. The love that is described by the old man isn’t true love. The old man states, “For indifference they substitute devotion. For scorn, adoration. Give one tiny measure of this to the young lady-its flavor is imperceptible in orange juice, soup, or cocktails- and however gay and giddy she is, she will change altogether. She will want nothing but solitude and you.” He describes it to where the she would become obsessive. She will want to know what he is doing all hours of...

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