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"The Second Amendment" I Knoe There Are Some Spelling That Need To Be Fix So If You Change Those And Look Up A Lil More It Should Work

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The Second Amendment" Our greatest strength lies in the fact that so many of our people not only posses weapons but also understand their use, and above all they are prepared to defend them selves against any sudden attack by an enemy, You will remember that we won are freedom because we were armed. We were not a simple peasantry unused to weapons. The men who wrote our constitution knew our people would be safe as long as they were armed." Louis L'Amour "The Lonesome God". This quote goes to show that people should own guns to defend them selves from people who have not been approved to own weapons. That is why I believe gun control will not reduce violent crime.In the mid-1980's congress passed a law titled the "Brandy Ban". This ban put a waiting period on all weapons bought in the US. This ban was both a good thing and a bad thing. It was bad due to the fact that people who needed guns. " If people really want a gun for family defense, they will get one regardless of any law." (Lee). It was good because it did a background check on any people who want to buy any weapons. Crimeless will get there hands on weapons not matter what laws are put on them. The "Brady Ban" ended in 1998 and congress ounce again put a waiting period on all weapons sells."A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shell not be infringed". These are the words of the second amendment. I believe these words should be imposed to the fullest. To many gun owners in the US gun control is unconstitutional. They all believe they should be able to keep any forms of weapons in their homes to defend their families and the country if need be.There is a new ban that has been taken up by congress and that is the "Assault Weapon" Ban. I believe this is a waste of taxpayer money. There are 19 firearms and 184 different types of models as well as any new...

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