The Second Great Awakening A Speech On How This Cause Is Greater And Tied With The Other Reform Groups Of The Time

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These are troubling times. As more and more people dismiss and abandon God, the number of social injustices to our fellow man increases. The black man is still treated as a possession, as a subhuman. Only white males are allowed suffrage in our so called 'democracy'. By treating these as separate issues, instead of as a larger all-encompassing problem, none of them can be permanently resolved. Take, for instance, how other social activists are approaching these dilemmas. They have become so entangled in their own cause, fighting and arguing that theirs is the most worthy, that they blatantly ignore and turn a blind eye towards all others. Many supporters of women's suffrage couldn't care ...view middle of the document...

With the Bible, we can remedy not just one social injustice, but all social injustices. From slavery to sexism, every inequity in today's society can be traced back to a lack of static morals. Morals in society today vacillate continuously, changing at a moment's notice. Naturally, this raises confusion; who can we trust, and who is right? Slavery has been endorsed by the government and the vast majority of the people mere decades ago. Only now are we beginning to speak out against it on a mass scale. Can we trust our country to provide us with the guidelines to what is right and what is wrong? Can we depend on anyone but the Lord, in his infinite wisdom? The Bible has not changed its message since the birth of Christ. It provides safety and security in its ethics, thus serving as a stable base for the ability to act according to its steadfast biblical morals. By reigniting the Church and passion for the Bible and its teachings, we can save society from its downwards spiral. Treating this cause directly will have a ripple effect, moving towards repairing each of the issues represented here today.Society today is destroying itself from the inside out, and it all began with the moral decadence and lack of faith that now regrettably plagues our great nation. If we are to restore America to glory, as God would have wished, we must first reform the Church. To save our nation from the fate of Sodom and bring it into a golden age of...

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1360 words - 6 pages The Second Great Awakening was significant because reform movements were connected with religion. Most of reform movements were in fact influenced by the religious ideas expressed during the Great Awakening. Religious congregations and sermons challenged the true faith of people, and as a result different religious groups emerged in order to purify the society. With the ongoing religious revivals, different group of people also began to question

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