The Second Letter Of Paul To The Corinthians

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It is essential to pay the price. You will never fulfill God’s purpose for your life if you fail to pay the price. The Lord expects us to count the cost of everything in our lives, according to the passage in Luke 14:28-32.
In order to have a successful journey you must pay the price. In the third chapter of the second letter of Paul to the Corinthians, we read of two groups of materials for edification of the church: wood, hay and stubble, and gold, silver and precious stones. The most obvious difference between the two groups is the price. For lack of willingness to pay the price, most Christians prefer to build with wood, hay and stubble, because these materials are less expensive.
1. There is a price tag for everything of value
Normally the price involves money, time and energy, pleasure, sleep and relationships. Other times the price involves pressure, criticism, isolation, pain and financial sacrifice. Most people seek out wide doors and wide paths, because they are not willing to pay the price or because they imagine that all of the things that God offers are free (Matthew 7:13, 14).
Choose both the pain and sacrifice of discipleship today or you will reap the pain of repentance tomorrow. We cannot flea-bargain the price of victory. You have just as much time as anyone else, so pay the price and make the most of it.
2. You can achieve anything depending on the price that you are willing to pay.
The Lord told Matthew, "Follow me and abandon everything, including the table on which you charge taxes" (Matthew 9:9). You can predict the future success of the student by the price that he pays in school.
How to recognize a winner:
• By his commitment to excellence
• He never measures himself by the mediocre
• He pays attention to details. The difference between a winner and the second runner-up are the details to which the winner gives attention.
• He is consistent
3. Not everyone pays the same price. Each one of us has a different cross to carry.
Then He said to them all, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. (Luke 9:23, 24)
Therefore, never desire what others have unless you discover the price they paid to get it and are willing to pay at least the same price.
4. The more you want something the higher price you are willing to pay for it.
The greater your dream and your desire to fulfill...

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