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The Secret Behind Cross Fit Professionals Essay

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The United States of America is considered one of the most out of shape countries in the world and has been in desperate need of a way to get in shape and stay in shape for years. According to CNN, about 80% of Americans do not get the proper amount of exercise. Over the past few years, cross-fit has become a common household name, it has opened the eyes of many Americans to what is now known as the fastest developing, and most efficient workout there is. Just about everywhere you go, you can easily access a cross-fit gym and within minutes begin to train with what people like to refer to themselves as “cross-fit professionals”. Unfortunately, cross-fit isn’t exactly what all the media makes it out to be. It is currently one of the most dangerous exercise regimens in the world.
From 2012 to 2013 the amount of cross-fit locations has almost doubled from 6,775 locations to about 10,000 locations, and that only includes the locations that are certified and licensed (Wikipedia). As time goes on, the affiliation process becomes easier and easier. Greg Glassman, The founder and creator of cross-fit, explains in an article written in Time Magazine, “Anyone who passed my two-day seminar could apply to open a box, call it Cross-Fit, then rush paying customers through squats, snatches, or whatever crazy WOD (work out of the day) they dreamed up” (qtd.. in Helm). He wanted all of his affiliates to have the freedom to open a “box”, also known as a cross-fit gym, wherever desired to train people how they wanted, and charge people what they felt was fair, without following or teaching any of the necessary safety guidelines. That is where the primary source of cross-fit injuries stems from.
One of the major controversies in the cross-fit community is whether or not there is an extremely high risk of injury. Wikipedia states, according to Dr. Stuart McGill, a professor at University of Waterloo, “The risk of injury from some Cross-Fit exercises outweighs their benefits when they are performed with poor form in timed workouts” (Wikipedia). Form, technique, and breathing is one of the most important factors that go into any workout regimen, yet cross-fit gyms do not believe in using mirrors because they claim it is not a vain environment. In order for people to have proper form without the use of a mirror means they are most likely a highly experienced trainer, which is not the case most of the time if you are going to take a class at a cross-fit gym. It is not required at the majority of cross-fit gyms to take a safety class, or a beginner’s introductory class that would teach someone who was not yet educated in cross-fit safety. The lack of knowledge creates a very high probability that an injury will occur at some point during your training. Most gyms also lack signs warning and reminding clients to keep proper form, and reminding them of the dangers that go into not focusing on everything that goes into a proper workout. All these issues go...

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