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The Secret Of Colors Essay

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Certain animals are treated with care and respect, while others are treated as if they were just a pebble. This is because animals like elephants are sentient, while animals like rats are not. But ironically, they have the same intelligence. This is just like the racism occurring in the book, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. 1964 was not a good timeline to the black people. People were no more than sheep, treated differently because of their outsides. Kidd uses the physical description of certain characters to support the thoughts of Lily. In this story, Lily overcomes her own kind of racism from a living person and a non living object. Kidd’s main message from the book, The Secret Life of Bees, tells the readers that physical appearances do not change the fact that everybody is human because their personalities are the ones that truly defines who a person is.
In this story, people were no more than sheep, treated differently because of their physical appearances. Just like the sheep, black people were treated unequally by the white people. Rosaleen trying to register to vote is a good example. When Rosaleen was heading to town to register, three white men harassed her because of the fact that she was black. One of the white man says, “Did you ever see one that black?”. Then, another white man says to Rosaleen, “ Where’d you get that fan, nigger?” (pg 32). In this quote, Kidd explains how the three white men think they are a higher social rank than Rosaleen because she was black. This high ranking thought extended to many people, which could not be changed back easily. Racism was a major conflict to the characters and was a problem they needed to resolve. Because the black people were looked down on them, they were forced to recognize it, unable to disobey the rules of society. Many black people were treated atrociously, but there were cases where it was the other way around. Lily overheard June and August’s conversation, and June said to August, “But she’s white, August” (pg 87). This is in the beginning of chapter 5, where June complains to August about Lily. She didn’t like the fact that she was staying at her house, mostly because she was white. This is Kidd proving how not only black people were treated bad, but some white people were also. When someone is harassed, a strong feeling called hatred is born inside them. She uses the character June to describe the harmful effects of hatred. June did not like the fact that August was involved in the white world, and Lily resented it. When hatred is born, it is very difficult to overcome, which is why June had a hard time accepting Lily. With this quote, Kidd wanted to tell the readers that racism was not a word for black people only, but to all human beings. In this unfair system, human’s skin color would determine people's lives. Whites would be treated good, while the blacks would not.
Not only Kidd points out the inequality of skin color, but she also uses the physical...

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