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The Secret Of The Crooked Arrow

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In the town of St. Louis, Missouri, there was a detective called John William Franklin who worked for the police force. He was an intelligent and generous man of the age of 29. Whenever there was a client with a problem, he would always try to help them in any way possible. On February 29, 2000, the police force received a letter from the local museum owner, stating that their prized possession, a crooked arrow from 550 B.C., was stolen. The letter also stated that it was worth over $9,000,000 dollars. The police force called Franklin right away, and he immediately arrived at the police station.
This was Franklin’s biggest case by far. First, Franklin arrived at the museum and looked for footprints, because it had snowed the last few weeks. Unfortunately, there were many visitors at the museum, so all the footprints were mixed up. Then, he asked to check the surveillance cameras, but the security guards reported that all of them did not work. Finally, since he could not think of anything else, he went into the room to check the laser beams. The empty glass box of the crooked arrow was in the room. He found many different fingerprints, and copied them onto pieces of paper, so he could use them later. Since the laser beams filled the whole room, he decided that the only way the thief could get through was to turn off the power to the museum. He asked the museum owner, Ricardo Jackson, if the museum had a generator, and Mr. Jackson said no. The transformer was the power source to the museum. Franklin inferred that the thief must have broken the transformer. He drove to the local Department of Water and Power. Just as he thought, they told him they fixed the broken transformer this morning.
Now that he knew how the thief made the robbery and his escape, Franklin needed to find out who the thief was. He drove back to the station as fast as he could, because he believed in the saying, “Time is of the Essence.” Then, he took out the fingerprints, and put them under the scanner one by one. There were seven total fingerprints. Franklin inferred that...

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