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1. Personal Reaction
I strongly agree with the author’s opinion, especially the two views of intelligence the author proposals in this article. Dweck (2007) conclude that one view of intelligence is “fixed mind-set”, another one is “growth mind-set”. With a fixed mind-set that believe intelligence is a fixed trait, people avoid challenges because they believe working hard means they are not intelligent. People believe no effort success achievement also are less willing to take criticisms and advices from others. “Growth mind-set” emphasizes hard working rather than innate intelligence and ability. In this case, people are more willing to study hard, show great persistence, overcome difficulties and remedy their deficiencies. Therefore, people with growth-mind set are more likely to achieve success. I feel this way from two perspectives, which I will explore from the following essay.
To begin with, when I read this article, the first thing came to my mind is cognitive dissonance theory which was mentioned by the teacher in the psychology lecture. In A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957), Leon Festinger proposed that individual performed an action that contradicts personal ideas or beliefs will cause uncomfortable experience and is motivated to justify, in order to reduce the cognitive dissonance. The example of Jonathon I quoted from this article is an appropriate example that can be illustrated by this theory. Based on his previous great performance on his study and the words from his parents, Jonathon believed he possesses superior intelligence and his academic achievement is a result of his talent. Therefore, when he had a tough period in study that contradicts his belief that he has innate talent to deal with his study without effort, he felt uncomfortable, even frustrated because the consistency was interrupted. Under this situation, he is more likely to justify by changing his mind, in order to feel better. Therefore, he probably has the opposite belief that he is dumb. This dissonance would crack his self-confidence. On the other hand, people with the belief that intelligence can be developed through hard work think more about the mistakes they made and the academic problems they have not yet solved. This behavior can help them to develop their intrinsic...

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