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The Secret To Stopping Gun Violence In Its Tracks

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In America today, many citizens of the United States are divided when it comes to their
own stances on gun control. Considering American is home to the biggest acts of gun violence
around the world, it is only appropriate that a gun control bill is added to assure the safety of our
people. Such as the proposed gun control legislation written by President Barack Obama and his
administration. In Mr.Obama’s proposed plan addresses many aspects of gun violence that is seen
around America, on a daily basis. Barack Obama’s bill proposes universal background checks, an
assault weapon ban, in addition to funds to research mental illness. It is very important that
Americans familiarize themselves with our current President’s ideas, due to the fact that it can
change public opinion on where a person may stand on gun control.
A common occurrence that is often associated with the idea of gun control is the Second
Amendment. However when the term of the Second Amendment and gun control is used in the
same sentence, people are quick to jump on the idea that their Second Amendment is being
infringed upon. In the United States Bill of Rights, the Second Amendment states that a citizen has
a “right to bear and keep arms”(NRA-ILA 1). Such as in President Obama’s proposed legislation,
President Obama is not looking to get rid of guns entirely, however create ways in which weapons
can be used to protect us, and not be used against our citizen in terror, such as assault weapons
used in mass shootings. Even though “ none of these proposals will stop another massacre from
occurring”(Wall Street Journal 1) , it is important to adapt such laws into place in order to be able
to prevent or protect any incidents such as the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Aurora movie theater
shootings from becoming natural occurrences.
Across America, it is very easy for a person to buy guns,assault weapons and ammunition
illegally than it is legally. Ranging from an illegal dealer on the street, to purchasing online with no
federal background check. That even though a person should abide by the law and purchase a
weapon with a permit to carry, proper registration, and a background check, these measures are
easy to circumvent. In reality, being able to avoid such procedures is what is causing problems
with the people who use such weapons to commit crimes. It is said that “93 percent of the guns
obtained by violent criminals are not obtained through the lawful purchase” (Snyder 1). That in
order to stop horrible gun related crimes from taking place, measures such as universal background
checks need to be a requirement to own any type of weapon, whether it be a simple hand held gun,
or an assault weapon that can fire a high speed of bullets at once, without having to reload. If a
universal background check was used in order to assure the person receiving such a weapon will
use it for protection and not against the public. A major priority in President Barack Obama’s gun
control legislation is ...

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