The Secret Beneath The Starry Sky

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It was noon on an early summer day, but the sun was hidden behind clouds, and a gloom shroud had fallen over the town. a doctor, briskly entered a hospital room and looked at his patient, an elderly, frail-looking woman, laying motionless upon her bed. A few seconds later a frazzled nurse rushed in with the patient's chart. "Sorry doctor," she murmmered as she handed it over. The doctor gave her a knowing smile, another round of cutbacks last month had left the hospital seriously low on staff.

Flipping the chart open, he quickly reviewed the nurse's notations for the day. He then turned his attention to Sophia Roselli, an eighty-nine year old woman that lingered between life and death. Her sheet-covered chest had a faint rise and fall, her papery skin the pallor of ash, and dark shadows outlined her sunken eyes. He knew her time was near and he reached down to gently caress the limp hand that lay motionless on the bed.

Though her eyes remained closed, she suddenly appeared in an agitiated state, tossing her head from side to side. Her parched lips trembled as a weak voice suddenly spoke. "Has it been discovered?"

Raising one dark bush eyebrow, the doctor tunred his eys questioningly towards the exhausted nurse at his side. But she simply shrugged her shoulders.

"The secret waits beneath the starry sky," continued the dying woman's voice from the bed. And a bout of coughing convulsed through her withering body, subduing any further words.

"It's alright Sophia," the doctor said with concern as he retrieved a plastic pitcher from her nightstand. "I can't give you any water right now, you might strangle. But I can moisten your lips with a little ice. Would you like that?" He didn't wait for an answer as he dumped an ice cube onto his palm. Then gently he pressed it to her lips.

Abruptly she opened her eyes, revealing irises the color of violets. Reaching out with her gnarled arthritic fingers, she grasped his hand with surprising strength. "The secret waits! Has it been discovered?" She asked once again as her eyes anxiously focused on his face.

"Secret? I'm a fraid I don't understand what...

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