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The Secret Woman Essay

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How could the woman behind the most deviant man in the history of the world go somehow unnoticed. Was she a possible helping hand in what was the worst genocide in recent history? Eva Braun is quite possibly the second hand definition of the word evil. Was her life really like this? Could a women that lived a seemingly normal life be capable of such heinous crimes? Eva Braun was a “right hand man” to one of history's most notorious criminals, but perhaps in her own light was not quite the woman that everybody makes her out to be.
Something that many people do not know about Eva is that, she was a simple women who lived a seemingly simple life. Eva Braun was born on February 6, 1912 to Friedrich and Franziska Braun, in Munich Germany(3). She was born into a middle class Bavarian family where she was the middle child of 3 girls(7). As a young women, Eva was beautiful and intelligent. She loved to play sports, she was fascinated by animals and nature, and she was interested by romance(7). She stayed in Munich for most of her childhood, where she studied medicine at Lyceum University(3). Her first job in fact, was at a medical office, but soon after she left there, she obtained a job at Heinrich Hoffman’s Photo Studio where she worked as a personal assistant for him. It was here where she met Hitler. After she met Hitler, her love and affection for him only seemed to grow each day. In fact, she once attempted suicide solely because Hitler would not spend time with her. Over time however, their relationship grew. Eva soon moved in with Hitler in their own villa in the mountains. She lived a simple life, still fascinated by the same curiosities she had been as a child. She was wholly committed to Hitler, as evidence by their conjoined suicide towards the end of the war. Although she lived a simple life, her relationship with Hitler was anything but simple.
Even though Eva’s life was quite private in the eyes of the public, quite a bit is known about her relationship with Hitler. The first and possibly most interesting part of their relationship is the physical aspect of it. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun never shared an intimate moment together or so it seems (Nobody knew Hitler’s true sexuality so this may of had an impact)(3).Their relationship was strictly domestic and relaxatory rather than the usual erotic relationship that many couples share today(9). They were merely close friends that thrived off of each others joy and companionship in times of need(3). Another part of their relationship that was different than most is that it was completely private. Hitler and Eva rarely appeared in public together(9). Even if they did, they would not sit together or give any evidence that they were even acquaintances of one another(8). This was hard on Eva, as she longed for his attention. She would often cry when he was not around and it was apparent that he had a significant impact on her mood. She even went to lengths as trying to take her own life at one...

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