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Area 51, positioned within the confines of a nuclear test site in Nevada has been thought to be the nerve center for America’s top-most classified security projects. Numerous United States’ citizens have spotted, captured images of flying objects and saucer-shaped planes making unconventional aerial maneuvers for over many decades (Sweetman, 2006). It has also been whispered that the scientific projects on the site are not conventional, but rather reverse-engineering developments of original military equipment of America’s enemies. Area 51 is also referred to as Dreamland, The Box, The Ranch, Groom Lake and Watertown Strip. The total area of the facility measures 60 square miles of the desert land and exists between two raised grounds 120 miles to the northwest of Las Vegas. Accordingly, it is worth examining whether it is rational to believe in Area 51.

Area 51 on Maps
Old maps covering the facility reveal the site is split into sections labeled Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, among others in what is perhaps one of the clearest indications to the presence of the facility (Wilson, 1997). Researchers have noted that the Area was located at the edge of the Nevada nuclear site in the box named 'Area 51' (Wilson, 1997). The area was reportedly selected in 1954 by Tony LeVier, a Lockheed test aviator, who was tasked to find the best location for the flight trials of the company’s new reconnaissance plane known as the U-2 (Swift, 2011). After scanning through the desert for a far-flung area, he picked on the Groom Lake as the perfect place. The area was located close to vital military assets and infrastructures in raised perimeter grounds, concealed from inquisitive civilians or unwanted enemy agents. The flat floors of the dry lake provided ideal landing site for aircraft (Roberts, 2012).
These qualities of Area 51 give it away as a site for executing classified intelligence and experiments, therefore, lend credence to thoughts of its presence. Certainly, there would be no basis for the government to hide some of its military secrets from its ordinary military bases having adequate security and privacy it needs.

Sightings of aircraft
Apart from the existence of Area 51 on maps, residents have sighted strange aircraft landings, take-offs and maneuvers in the airspace above the facility, in a manner that point to the existence of Area 51 (Nagourney, 2013). In addition to America’s development and testing of high-tech aircraft designs in the area, it has been known for unusual military events. The America’s F15's, F16's and B52 fighter jets have been spotted making constant bombing exercises in the area; activities that cannot be exercised in the United States’ ordinary airbases. Some researchers have reported seeing Russian Sukhoi Su-22 and MiG-23 bombers scrambling about in the area (Swift, 2011). How the United States came to obtain these planes remains a mystery, but it is conceivable that their wreckage and crew were captured during Cold War and flown to...

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