The Security And Protection Of The State

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General Viewpoint:
There are differences found between the world during the Cold War and the present in terms of security challenges and issues faced by states when investigating the fine details of documents and actions but when retrospective on overall effect and our current global situation there are significant similarities can be found.
Part One: Introduction and definition of key terms (e.g. New World Order)
The security and protection of the state has fundamental always been a priority of importance for any government or organisation since the unforeseen end to the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the United States. There has been astonishing steps taken by the international community to create global tranquillity amount states and to bring end to military conflict during this ‘New World Order’ but through revision of the methods deployed it becomes evident that many of these steps also portray continuality from the context of the Cold War. Although the fall of the Berlin Wall signified the end of conflict between the Communism and Capitalist ideology, new emerging issues such as the ‘War on Terror’ in the Middle East are fought in the same manner and built on the same ideological functions of the Cold War.
Part Two: Changes made in security challenges
Security challenges arising after the Cold War were definitely different in the way they were fought over new ideologies and over new borders, in response the global community through the actions and the protocols introduced by United Nations Security Council have been able to resolve various issues including the Bosnian Crisis, the invasion of Kuwait and Libya Civil War with quick judgement. Although the deployment of collective security has been correlated with global stability, there are just as many limitations that can be considered.
Part Three: Continuity made in security challenges
The security between members of the international community tightly packed between states without the great division between capitalism and communism created an atmosphere of polarity towards the bigger and superior states. The previous relationship between the USSR and the USA created a sense of bipolarity and tension but at the same time this tension became the force that prevented states from open conflict against each other. What is found between both global situations is that temporary peace was achieved without there ever being a need for world war.
Topics: Security challenges in the post-cold war era
The Introduction of the United Nations to tackle confrontation between transnational conflicts depict a transition from independent roles taken by separate states to end conflict to a coalition of unified interests to take military protocols through the Security Council. This changeover conversely has prompted similar methods taken during the Cold War by collective security in military alliances maintained.
It can be debated that changes towards strong collective security...

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