The Security Council Of The United Nations

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The world is at a point where people have to question if they feel safe, and if they do, why they feel safe? The answers will vary, but more than likely, the United States, not the United Nations, will be the answer. The Security Council was made to keep peace among the world, and the concept of it was a great idea in theory. The world needs protection from the horrors of genocide, the death from terrorists, and the corruption of governments that can create many issues. However, in recent years the United States has led the charge for the war on terror, while the U.N. Security Council has sat at a stalemate over the issue. Change is needed in the United Nations Security Council for it to return to the relevancy that it was always suppose to have and to move past the issue of personal problems.
When one of the P-5 or permanent members is not trying to control the situation, the council can normally agree to pass cease-fire directives (United Nations Department of Public Information, 2004). There are three other preventative ways the U.N. Security Council will try, to prevent a hostile conflict: preventative disarmament, preventative deployment, and preventative diplomacy. Preventative disarmament is when the U.N. goes into a country and lowers the number of weapons that nations has. The United Nations Department of Public Information (2004) went on to justify preventative disarmament by saying, “Destroying yesterday’s weapons prevents their being used in tomorrow’s wars” (pp. 71). Preventative deployment is when a peacekeeping force is sent to simply keep each side away from each other, a form of time out. The best example of preventative deployment is cited in an article from the Defense Department by Segal and Eyre (1996), where they quickly brought up the facts about one of the largest deployments in Cambodia, they stated, “with 22,000 civilian and military personnel, to oversee a cease-fire by four warring factions, help administer the country, and bring about free elections” (¶43). Lastly, preventative diplomacy is the U.N. keeping a watchful eye over the world, and trying to solve everything through talking instead of having to use any kind of force (United Nations Department of Public Information, 2004).
Some of the powers the all of the Security Council members have is the choice to abstain. This is a power that China uses more than any other country of the P-5. The choice to abstain from means that that nation is pulling themselves from the vote and it still can put forth an action. This allows one or more of the P-5 to disagree with the action without completely vetoing it. The veto power, on the other hand, is only for the victors of World War II. The added benefits of it are what convinced the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union to join this international body. Finally, another special part of the P-5 is that for any amendment to be passed, there must not be a dissenting vote, veto, from a P-5 member. ...

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