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“The Seduction”

In this assignment I shall be analysing ‘The Seduction’ by Eileen McAuley. It is about a girl who got seduced by a boy/man. It all started at a party where she met him, one thing led to another. She is now three months gone and looking back on how she messed up in her life. ‘So she cried that she had missed all the innocence around her’. This is a quote showing she is looking and thinking of what she has missed. But now she has to start a new life as a young mother with no father of the child to be around and care.
Being set in a dark and life-less place named ‘Birkenhead Docks’ to me this means he thought this was a perfect place as no-one was around to see what happens, if something happens e.g. he assaults her and she goes to the police there is no witnesses for this assault. ‘He sat down in the darkness’ the dark brings bad things. As you can’t see that well you are unsure about everything around you. My own opinion is; yes I understand he wants privacy but also no, as he knows she won’t see what he is doing her. ‘He spat into the river’ the water nearby is unclean. This shows they are not in a wealthy area. As the bridge is around water it is also out of the way of traffic and buildings. I quote ‘far past the silver stream of traffic through the city far from the blind windows of the tower blocks’.
The innocent young girl puts her life at risk … ‘He handed her the vodka, and she knocked it back like water’ being given vodka if I was in her position, you would not know what to do. You can’t refuse as it would be rude. As I can imagine her feelings and her heart pumping loud. She is trembling with nerves. ‘She giggled, drunk and nervous’ already she has drank too much you can tell this by her giggling. As she knocked it back like water, she drunk it fast hitting her blood stream faster and quicker than normal. ‘He muttered ‘little slag’’ This is were you can see the relationship between the two. Muttering something under your breath is not being open and truthful as you would if you were in a loving relationship.
The poem is laid out in four lines a verse; this is so no confusion between the words as each verse has a different meaning. You can imagine how the man is feeling and the young girl. You can imagine the man feelings happy as he has led her into his trap, with a mug look on his face he smiles ‘and he muttered ‘little slag’’ getting his own way, is how he rolls. As she feels unsure about this but goes along as she want to fit in. She feels scared, but thinks nothing of what to do about it. As she doesn’t know what will happen that morning. Throughout the poem feelings change. Reaching the end the man is long gone as the young girl is left pregnant. ‘So she cried that she had missed all the innocence around her’ she is now realising she cries that she had done wrong and her fears of being a single mum.
In this poem there is a vary of moods, in the first paragraph the mood is plain and dull as it is setting...

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