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The Seed Of Music Essay

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1500 B.C.Athens was in trouble. The city’s sources of water had dried up, and the ocean was nearly solid salt. Men in Athens survived on the blood of cooked cows, hoping for water, and prayed daily to Zeus for at least a small shower of rain. Plants had yellowed, and dust clogged up nostrils, while the only thing you could hear was the sound of wailing and moaning, and the dry, unforgiving wind. Just as the city was about to die from lack of water, Timotheus, a young man from the city visited the king, and found out about the oracle at Delphi, and had a strong will to save Athens. He set off towards Delphi, trekking through the rocky plains and forests, finally arriving at the beautiful ...view middle of the document...

The king allowed his finest horses to be let out. Destined to have a chance to save Athens, the four men, including Timotheus hopped on top and waved around, enjoying a tremendous applause, and a shower of food and many other wonderful things. When the cheering stopped, the men were given a stockpile of food, and they set off, ready for their adventure. However, none of them were aware that some would not return alive.
The first to depart, who was also the most popular and strongest, Acacius, galloped ahead of the group, and whipped his horse and zoomed away. The next to leave were the other two soldiers, not strong, but trustworthy. The two were brothers, and after a tearful goodbye, set off in opposite directions, and waved farewell. Timotheus glanced back, once, twice, thrice, sucked it all in, and left, not looking back again.
Acacius was ready for his adventure, and was sure he was going to be the one to find water and bring glory to himself. For the first ten hours, his thoughts were about the fame and glory he would have, but after a while he decided to get on and make his camp. He grabbed his leather waterproof matting, and collected a few thick sticks and set up a camp for the night. Because of the drought, there was no problem finding dry wood, and after a few flares and a lack of wind, a fire blazed and soon he was cozy in his tent, falling asleep soon after.
The two brothers couldn’t stop thinking about each other for a while, and decided to ride back to the starting point to meet up, and go on the journey together. They galloped past a fallen tree, where a black crow was singing a beautiful song, and decided to camp there, because of the dry, usable wood. They were unsuccessful in starting a fire, and in the end covered themselves with a few rugs and slept through the cold night.
Timotheus just wanted to find water. Not for just himself, but for everyone. He needed to help his friends, his family - what would happen if they died of dehydration? He couldn’t sleep, worrying about his family, and in the end gave up, hopping up on his horse again. Riding through the night, through rocky plains, he finally arrived at a mountain, with trees the colour of grass.
The next morning, was a hot one, all 4 men had cracked lips, and sucked their small sips of animal blood to stay alive. Acacius, the one who left first, and had left through the west pathway, pulled down his tent, and slowly but surely, packed up and dumped the items in his bag. After a prayer to Athena to help him, and a lot of hassle, he set off.
The two brothers woke to the sound of the black crow, helped each other slowly pack up, and placed the wood left over in their backpack. Finally whipping the rein of their horse, they rode across the dead drape weed. The dusty sand that sprayed across the land flew in their faces, blinding them temporarily. Suddenly, their horse tripped over a huge fallen tree, and Dinas, the younger brother fell into a deep hole that was covered with...

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