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The Selection Essay

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Jacob sat under the bridge in the park he called home and waited for Cecily to return. She had ran out earlier and hadn’t returned. While he waited he watched a family walk by and he could see a girl, she looked to be about ten, same age as himself, she was eating ice cream and laughing without a care in the world. The sight of her brought to him the realization of how eager he wanted to be the one chosen at the selection. The selection was one of the only things many of the poor he knew hoped for. Last year a boy he didn’t know much got chosen. He was probably living a beautiful life know, well cared for and everything. There hadn’t been a selection ever since him, but there was word there ...view middle of the document...

She missed the pink hue of her room walls, the color that she had chosen herself. She missed her toys and her bed. Hospitals beds were terribly uncomfortable and she hated the smell of the sheets. Worse than all of that, was that she had nothing to do, everyone was telling her to rest, and what was more aggravating was that no one told her anything anymore. Her mother had told her that when it was the right time she explain everything, but that was in no way made her feel content. All she had come to understand from the months that she was hospitalized was that there was an issue with her heart, and that she needed a transplant. Her mother had told her not to worry, and she didn’t know why she was, her parents had all the money in the world they could pay for everything. Emily still worried though.
It was time. Jacob had woken early at was feeling a mix and anticipation and nerves. His brother stood next to him looking calm, he had attended the selection many times, he just wasn’t lucky. They had tried to clean themselves using the park water fountain and agreed that they looked reasonably presentable. “I think it’s going to be me this year’ Michael said as they walked to town. Jacob didn’t know how to reply he would be greatly envious if Michael did win. He thought about whether he would be lonely too. He decided that jealousy would be a feeling much more substantial than the feeling of loneliness. They walked until they reached the worn down and tired looking factory. Michael used to work there but got fired because he complained too much. Jacob knew many kids who worked there but never bothered to do it himself. They arrived at the back and found nothing but a trailer that stood parked. “Is this the right place?’ Jacob asked. “Yes’ Michael answered uncertainly. The stepped forward cautiously and looked in the window, they were spotted by a man who looked to have been talking to someone and as they stood on the toes the saw that there were other children sitting at the back of the trailer. Jacob shrugged at Michael and he led the way into the trailer. “ we just want to know if you’re healthy or not, that’s all’ the man was explaining to the others as they sat looking worried, as if they were second guessing their decision to come. Jacob sat bewildered, why you would be unsure of coming what could the man possibly want. He thought about how it would be nothing compared to what he would get it return and the life he would have if he was chosen. “alright who would like to go first’ the man asked...

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