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The Selection Process When Getting Hired

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Before the selection process took place, the criteria’s that applied to pick an employee to the organization must be discussed.
Formal education presumes the use of scholastics’ certificates and training courses that applicants had before, as academic evidences for getting admitted to the job. It’s said; it refers to the classroom training an individual has received in public or private schools and college, university, and/or technical school (Sims 2002, p. 142). The most important feature here is that; it’s a cost effective and very realistic technique comparing to other methods.
It’s deemed as one main condition for applying to any jobs at any organizations, in account to some organizations required the candidates to have a certain qualification degree or attended special training courses before applying to the vacant job. In some circumstances, organizations may ask for a specific CGPA in university certificate so as to get admission.
Anyhow, the required standards that asked to provide by the applicants must be equal to the vacant job, so as not to lead to any disruptions within the organization. For example; if a vacant job of sale representative opened in a pharmaceutical organization and two individuals applied for it, one of them has a major degree in pharmacy and the other in the medical laboratories, the organization definitely will choose the pharmacist because the vacant job here dealing with medications only and the other individual has no previous studies that related to, but if the organization choose him/her over the pharmacist, that’s will be a big mistake that will lead of course to huge distractions within the organization.
This method is assuming that any candidate who apply for vacant...

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