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The things that make one different are the things that cause the world to change and lead to conformity. Uniqueness is a characteristic that is in everyone; no one person is the same. In this way, Equality 7-2521 from Anthem, a novel written by Ayn Rand, conforms to society on his outward actions to keep him safe, but on this inside, his drive for individuality and not being “normal” allows him to discover a tunnel in which he discovers multiple things like electricity. In a similar aspect, I seek to with my mind, as if a moving vehicle, swerve sharply to the opposite direction to avoid indifference and achieve my maximum potential.
The outward conformity that arises in Equality 7-2521 is due to the necessity of being safe. Equality 7-2521’s curiosity is sparked by the discovery of a tunnel which opened an extensive number of opportunities in invention and discovery. Unlike others, Equality 7-2521 did not go on into denial about his ideas like the Homes of the Scholars when their ideas were rejected by multiple members. He hid his inventions and discoveries inside the tunnel while only letting his friend, International 4-8818, know. Safety was key in the continuation of his, Equality 7-2521, research, and his making sure that his progress did not go to waste. This disagreement between him and his society leads to the development in a conscience that does not wish to apprehend to the rules of society, but rather disobey and advance.
The inward questioning that is elicited in the back of Equality 7-2521’s mind is a result of the disturbance in what he has been taught, and what has been discovered. Equality 7-2521 realizes that he wants some things more than others, and that he doesn’t want to be like everyone else, that he wants to think for himself and be his own person. The pursuit of individuality that Equality 7-2521 encounters interferes with his daily life. This causes the tension that makes him keep his thoughts and his work separate. This division disallowed him peace and raised his drive to dissociate with his people. Frustration that is caused by his development of a self conscience led to his escaping from what he felt was a prison in which thoughts could not roam free. It led to his advancement and overall development as a person in an attempt to impel his people into the light.
My outward conformity occurs because today’s generation trends towards being part of the popular group or being with the norm. A pull-factor that drives adolescents today towards the normal is something that is artificial to me; I prefer the...

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