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The Senses Of Smell, Taste, And Sight. Assignment 3, 1 A

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The senses of our bodies can change over time. Sometimes decreasing but other times increasing with our cognitive processes also expanding as we age. The way we differ in sight, taste, and smell can change because of our environment and our individual differences and personalities. In my study I had examined the sight, smell, and the taste of several different cohorts to see their individual differences and the way they reacted to certain things or how they changed their answers do to others stating what they thought. I had found a large difference between many aspects with each of the Cohorts. In the study I had tested eight individuals as well as myself. The ages range in many ways with ...view middle of the document...

Once I had recorded their data we had discussed more into each wine and what their experience was with it.
The first thing I had the participants gauge was their vision to see if they could tell the differences. There were large differences between the ages. Often the nineteen to the mid thirty’s would see things similar such as clear to look at and smooth for the white. For the Reds for those cohorts it was often similar but as the study progressed their answers and details they saw had improved with practice. Some of the later results of the red was seeing layers of color after it was noted by one of the older cohorts. In the older cohort they had noticed many differences that the younger one had not seen such as an oily layer at the top or a small layer of blue reflecting off the glass. It was surprising that the older adults could see more within each wine then the younger cohorts. This was most likely do to experience looking at wine and sampling it.
The second object of study was the smell of the individuals when it came to the wine. With different types of wine we had many different results. Some of these results were an oaky smell with a little bit of herb as one of the older participants had said. Meanwhile the participants in their nineteen to twenty-one had found that that exact smell to them was of mold or decay. There was a bitter smell to the reds that had been detected by the participants within their late twenties to late thirty’s. These differences in smell could be from several things. Smell originates in the “olfactory membrane “ which “is a specialized part of the nasal membrane” this allows us to hold a variety of distinguishable smells which are at an endless number all do to “millions of receptors and thousands of different kind of smells” (Bjorklund, 2011, P. 48).
The sense of taste was different for everyone. Often the smell would determine what the person would taste. If the smell was bitter or pungent the taste would reflect that...

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