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The Serious Effects Of Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is the bullying of someone over Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Cyber bullying began when social media came around. Bullying often occurs in people who don’t know how to control their emotions. They feel powerless which is why they resort to cyber bullying. By resorting to cyber bullying kids feel power over people, which makes them feel good about themselves. Most kids that are cyber bullied act out in school or at home and cause problems. Teenagers often resort to cyber bullying because they are trying to figure out who they are. Kids are not taught how to control their frustrations in school and take it out on kids online sometimes the kids have done nothing to upset them. Cyber bullying is a form of abuse and needs to be ended. Why should kids have to be put through this? Kids deal with enough stress and drama through high school they don’t need to fear coming to school and having to come face to face with their bully. Kids are afraid to admit to being bullied because they fear they will be made fun of for getting help. Over 50% of kids have been cyber bullied, and fewer than 30% of all kids will ever report it.
Why is cyber bullying a problem? Most people will argue that cyber bullying is just kids being kids. What they don’t know is that 1 out of every 10 kids that have been bullied will take their own life. Cyber bullying causes many issues with teenagers. The most common effect of cyber bullying is depression. It makes people think lower of them self’s causes low self esteem. It can also lead to lashing out in school. Over 70% of bullied kids will keep it to themselves and finally it’ll get to them and cause lashing out. Falling behind in Academic work is another common effect cyber bullying makes kids feel like they are nothing so they fall behind and quit trying in school and at home. Some parents will notice that their kids are not the same anymore. Cyber bullying and regular bullying are not the same. When you cyber bully it allows you to hide your identity. So now you don’t even know who is bullying you, which can lead to trust issues. Not knowing your bully can cause anxiety people who you thought were your friends could be the ones bullying you.
Cyber bullying is a permanent action. The things you put online are never gone they stay there forever and there is nothing you can do about it. People need to realize that what you do and say affects people. 20% of people are unaware that they are even hurting anyone by cyber bullying. Bullying online causes publicity it adds fuel to the fire. By bullying online you are adding people into it only making it worse for the person who it is directed too. Crime rates have gone up ever since social media has been available. People who are to scared to confront people often do Cyber Bullying. If people could talk it out instead of bashing on each other it could help not cause so many problems.
If we educated more people about cyber...

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