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I know often we’re told to think big, but for this company research project I found myself thinking small; small business. By general definition a small business is a company that employs less than 500 employees according to widely accepted SBA standards. Small businesses across the U.S. account for some very staggering statistics; see just a few of them below:
Small businesses:
Represent more than 99.7% of all employers
Employ half of all private-sector workers and 39% of workers in high-tech jobs
Provide 60% to 80% of the net new jobs annually
Pay 44.3% of total U.S. private payroll
Produce more than 50% of nonfarm private gross domestic product, or a GDP of roughly $6 trillion
Are 3% franchises
The Serna Insurance Agency is one of those small businesses we can all relate to. As insurance is a fundamental part of all our lives, I wanted to highlight a business that is a big part of that process. The agency was started by Martha and Pete Serna in 2001. The Sernas have a long history in the insurance business dating back to 1983 when Martha Serna began her career in insurance at the age of 19. “Located in Humble, Serna Insurance Agency is a customer-focused, full-service independent insurance agency” as noted from a recent article in “Living Magazine”. The local office and headquarters are located in Humble on Will Clayton Parkway. There are two more Texas based offices one in San Antonio and Dallas, and there is a fourth office located in Albuquerque, NM.
The Serna Agency by the numbers:
In 2014 Serna Insurance was No. 1 on the Houston Business Journal’s list of best places to work in Houston. The Agency currently manages roughly $30 million in annual premium. Serna Insurance is a privately held company, therefore their financial data was not available for research. Although there was not an exact figure given, from my research I could conclude that the agency has a staff of 20-30 employees between the 4 offices in Texas and New Mexico. The company shows signs of continued growth and expansion. Below is an...

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