The Servicescape Of Mc Donald´S In China

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The servicescape of McDonald's in china
The servicecapes of McDonald’s in china w ill be analyzed in this study critically. Although McDonald’s takes the local condition in planning the service environment, there are still some problems existing in its servicecape design, such as the use of music, the insufficiency of the spatial layout design and the decoration inside. However, for the sake of better satisfying the customers, the improvement of servicecape design become an important task of McDonald’s to maintain its development in China.

McDonald's Corporation, an American company, is the world's leading food service retailer, with more than 30,000 franchise restaurants in more than 100 countries (McDonald cooperation, 2010).McDonald’s entered the China market in October 1990 and it becomes a popular restaurant which owns 960 restaurants and over 60,000 employees in China at the present day (Liu, 2008). According to the service gap model (Zeithaml, 2009), the problems existing in the servicescape which is the physical environment where the service is delivered (Bitner, 1992) will lead to provider gap 2 (the service design and standards gap) in the gaps model of service quality (see appendix one). In China, although McDonald’s’ acts locally in building the restaurant’s service environment to some extent, there are still some issues existing in its servicecape design. However, have studied customers’ discussions about the service environment in McDonald’s’, the issues existing in its servicescape include the shortage of the ambient condition (such as the inadequate use of music), the insufficiency of the spatial layout design (such as the lake of Self-help sauce pavilion), and the use of symbols and artifacts elements inside the restaurant. In the following paragraphs, McDonald’s servicescape will be analyzed merging with the local condition. And then, based on Bitner`s (1992) servicescape model about environment-user relationships ,some managerial suggestions adapting local condition will be proposed thereby improving McDonald’s servicescape design to better satisfy the customers.

Literature review
There are many empirical studies have explored the relationship between the servicescape and customers’ behavioral. Kelley & Chung (2003) put forward that the physical setting may affect the customer’s ultimate satisfaction with the service. Bitner (1992) support this theory to say that the factors which influences built environments in consumer perception, emotions and actions can be divided into three dimensions: ambient conditions(including music, scent, light and so forth); space and function; ad signs, symbols, and artifacts. Also he puts forward that customers will perceive the environment on three dimensions and respond to the environment holistically by combining all environmental cues in the servicescape model, which helps to understand the relationship between the customers and the environment. In...

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