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The Seven Major Events That Molded Us History.

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Much of early American history discusses wars that changed the course of history. One of the earlier war on American soil was the French and Indian war. The French and Indian war was fought because of Britain imperialistic desire for land. The French and Indian war left the British in great debt and the only way for them to evade this debt was to impose taxes on the colonists. The colonists would not accept the taxes unless they had some sort of representation in parliament, so the colonists revolted, starting the American Revolution. The American Revolution, also know as 'the war for independence', won the colonists their independence from Britain. Britain was displeased with the new independence of the US and began to aid in attacks against the colonies and began the War of 1812. Later, the US bought a large piece of land from France. The South questioned whether or not the land would be slave or free. The US then imposed the Missouri compromise. The South was displeased with this arrangement and decided to secede starting the Civil War. The Civil War led to the 'so-called' end of slavery. The US now being an independent and united country wanted to expand west into Mexican territory and started the Mexican-American war.The French and Indian War was a product of an imperial struggle between France and Britain. France, aided by the Native Americans, and Britain, aided by the colonists, fought in New England from 1754-1763 over territory west of the 13 original colonies. The results of the war ended French political and cultural influence in North America. England gained large amounts of land and immensely strengthened its hold on the continent. The war also aided in the decline of the relationship between the British and the Native Americans; and, though the war seemed to strengthen Britain's clasp on the colonies, the French and Indian war played a major role in the deteriorating relationship between Britain and the colonies, that led to the Revolutionary War.The French and Indian War left Britain in great debt and Britain thought that the only way to evade this debt was to impose taxes on the colonies. The colonies would not accept the taxes unless they had representation in parliament, which they had had none so far. Britain said no to this and the colonists revolted, starting the American Revolution. The colonists fought the British from 1775-1781 all over the 13 colonies. The American Revolution won the colonies their independence from Britain making them the United States of America. This independence gave the US a clean slate upon which to construct a new society and a new government.The colonies were becoming irritated with Britain because the colonies believed that they were being treated unfairly. The British citizens living in England had representatives in parliament discussing the best way to deal with the debt but the colonists are not represented. The colonists were forced to accept the taxes to get rid of Britain's debt but they...

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