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The Seven Up Company And Advertisement Essay

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Seven-Up Company
Seven- Up Company was first invented by Charles Leiper Grigg as the Howdy Corporation in 1920, and has been trying to deliver an optimistic message to the audience. For example, Charles has added a red spot between the Seven and Up that represents talisman as stimulus to the brand. Also, in 1929, he came up with a new name lemon- lime soft drink which is non caffeine and sugar free. In the late nineteenth century and early twenties, Seven-Up was one of the privilege medicine outputs for the health benefits like the digestion system and people who has bipolar problems. Luckily, Seven-Up Company gained its popularity, was very successful in 1936, and became one of the best-selling soft drink in the world. Throughout the years, Seven-Up Company was aiming to earn reputation and propagate widely by using persuasion techniques that can touch the people and convince them in their products. However, their popularity has reduced recently due to the gaps they had in displaying their ads, and the variety of drinks that have been produced and taken a massive uprising. By looking at one of their ads, we notice that they used a lot of pathos in a way to catch people attention such as, first, they put two ladies who have smiley faces which is really attractive for the people who are unhappy in their lives, and has a way in making them think that drinking seven- Up has the magic way to happiness in life. Second, when they used the terms” you like it, it likes you”, “you deserve”, and the offer to watch “Soldiers of Fortune” show; these words talk the audience emotions, which is directly purposed to touch the viewers’ feelings and make them fall in love with the ad, but, most importantly is to give the audience a sense of the product credibility. Third, when they said” nothing does it like seven-Up” this phrase itself stimulates the viewers’ curiosity in buying the product only to know what does it make this soft drink unique and different than other drinks. On the other hand, they didn’t give any logical reasoning to prove the validation of their product because they were being very general about the description of the drink features and influences such as, pure, clean taste, refreshing lift...etc. In addition, they have not used any ethical evidence to prove the credibility and make the ad more catchy and compelling to other people.
In the second picture we see another version of their Ads which was released in 1984; at that time, the country was subordinated by the president Ronald Reagan who made American follow new strategy in their life socially, economically, and politically. By viewing the Ad, we recognize that it exposed some of the famous sport starts in American history such as, magic Johnson who was an American professional who played basketball-point guard for the Los Anglos Lakers, Michael J Schmidt who was vastly rated as the third baseman player for the Philadelphia...

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