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The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

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The world is full of beautiful artwork, unbelievable buildings, and remarkable statues. In this day and age, there are countless man-made things that are absolutely amazing. Before industrialization though, these amazing things were much harder to find, but that is not say they did not exist. Some of the most stunning and breathe taking things ever built were before most technology, and machinery, even existed. Similar to present day, individual’s back then loved creating list of awesome things. Nearly 2,500 years ago, this approach inspired a Greek writer, Herodotus, to create one of the most incredible and wondrous lists ever, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Woods 4). This list contains some of the most profound structures ever built.
A few thousand years ago Egypt was a very powerful and wealthy nation. It was during this time the first wonder of the ancient world was created. Under the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, the great pyramid at Giza was constructed to be his tomb (Woods 9). Khufu came into rule about 2,550 B.C, and instantly began the ginormous project of building his pyramid shaped tomb. For a pharaoh, his tomb is beyond just a structure. It is an everlasting memorial that truly depicts a remembrance of their reign. It is a symbolic monument to protect, and preserve their entire life’s work. The most unbelievable thing about this amazing man-made structure is it was built over 4,500 years ago, during a time with basically no technology or machinery. The great pyramid at Giza was precisely pieced together, and took Egyptian workers more than 20 years to build
(Woods 14). This was such an extensive project mainly because most rocks used in the pyramid weighed about 2.5 tons and the pyramid was 481 feet tall and 758 feet wide (Woods 11). The Great Pyramid at Giza was the world’s tallest structure for almost 4,900 years. It is astonishing only man moved these massive rocks, and even more impressive they did so with such architectural precision. It is often over looked that the pyramid once looked a lot different than it does today. When the pyramid was first built the walls were covered in white polished limestone, and the top rock was covered in gold (Woods 11). This appearance was defiantly fit for an Egyptian Pharaoh. The Egyptian workers did a very good job, as the Great...

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