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Ralph Nader’s book, The Seventeen Traditions, discusses several traditions, seventeen in total, which the author learned from his parents, siblings, and other individuals in the community and draws certain inspiring life lessons for the current society. The book is genially human and full of sensory chronicles. Through the key traditions outlined in the book, Nader looks back at his Lebanese background and childhood experiences that directly shaped his worldview. This review analyses some of the most significant traditions in the book such as family table, independent thinking, health, and business. These key traditions will also be vital in discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the book.
Nader’s book has really achieved its principal purpose, which is to educate the society on some of the values and traditions that are vital in shaping a person’s life. Through his key seventeen traditions, the author has succeeded in creating a modern-day fable on how one can grow from a child to a responsible and successful adult. Nader’s tradition of the family table proves to be the most significant base in a child’s education. The author reveals that the family table provided an ideal place in which his parents taught him and his siblings respect and manners. To the author, most of the historical and cultural topics together with various proverbs were discussed at the family table. This tradition has some connections with my childhood experiences. Just like in the author’s case, my mother used to teach me important African proverbs when I was with her in the kitchen. On the other hand, our father would ask us at the family table what we had learnt at school during the day. He would then discuss with us some of the current affairs in the political world.
The other tradition that is of great significance in the book is the tradition of independent thinking. In this subject, the author emphasizes on the importance of self-respect, choice of friends, being different, and the dangers of peer-pressure when growing up. The author’s mother always scrutinized the type of friends her children had. She also encouraged her children to bring their friends home for discussions. This tradition is relevant to my childhood experience since my mother also enforced the same values. For instance, she would ask numerous questions to my friends who came to visit. She would then help me see their positive and negative attributes, after which she would advice me on the importance of choosing good acquaintances. One of the most significant strength of this book is the ability to captivate the reader and keep them glued to the book. This is because the author has included a narration of his life...

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