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The Seventh Seal: A Cinematic Masterpiece What Could Make Up

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The Seventh Seal: A Cinematic Masterpiece What could make up a great movie? The Direction, Effects, Plot, and the fact that it can take your mind away to so many other places, you get lost in the world of the director. Director Ingmar Bergman does just that, and creates a cinematic masterpiece that will stay with you wherever you go. There is no film that blends religion, philosophy, style, and plot greater than The Seventh Seal, a film set in the medieval times during the black plague.The director of The Seventh Seal, Ingmar Bergman, was born on July 14th, 1918, in Uppsala, Sweden. Two years after he was born, Bergman and his family moved to Stockholm. Bergman attended Stockholm University for two years between 1938-1940, and set out to be in the theater business, and ended up directing over 40 feature films, and directing over 70 major theater productions such as Macbeth, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, and Don Juan. In most of Bergman's work, he loves to create a complex shadow behind the character that owns that scene. This technique is found several times in The Seventh Seal, such as when Antonious is speaking, in dramatic irony, to Death in a confession booth. The light creates a shadow behind Antonious of the confession window he is speaking through, and makes a visually stunning effect. This trait also shows when Death takes the life of Jons, as Death and his scythe form a stunning shadow. Another trait of Bergman's is to combine black and white film with color film, which can be found in one of his latest films, In the Presence of a Clown. The Seventh Seal is a film that, like a lot of Berman's films, expresses the director's own philosophical and religious ideas. "All of Bergman's mature films, except the comedies, are about his discontent with the ways that God has chosen to reveal himself," (The Great Movies). In the film, Antonious Block, a knight of the crusades, searches for answers of god's existence. After returning from battle to see his family, Blocks character, (played by Max Von Sydow), is approached by Death himself, and tells him, "I have been at your side for quite some time." Since Block has seen art of Death, he has seen him portrayed playing chess. Block challenges Death to one game of chess, which will determine if he lives, or he dies. During the span of one day, Block searches for...

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