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The Sex During The Victorian Era

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The Victorian era brought about many changes and the introduction of new things. One issue that stood out was “The Sex.” Many things evolved around this issue like changes in laws all over, it became a topic for literary poets/ writers and also for the woman question. This term means discrimination based on a person’s sex and during the 19th century this was a vast issue toward women. This all Started from the early Victorian era with queen victoria, who was the monarch of the united kingdom of Great Britain from 1837- 1901. Being the queen she played a very substantial role during this time. As a wife she showed a domestic side. She supported Prince Albert, had his children, became very submissive and devoted to her husband a family. This image she portrayed became a trend to the outside world. Most people looked at this as what the ideal woman was during this era.
The sex was a topic that began to spread and women started to fight for their voices to be heard. There were introductions of new laws in many countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and etcetera. The reform act of 1837 and 1867 extended voting rights for citizens that were deprive the privilege to vote because of social status. No longer was there a division in power between middle and upper class. Many people considered other issue involving politics, but women were not bestowed the right to vote until 1918. Then the reproductive rights set out around 1968, which granted couple or that one individual to regulate how many children they wanted to have the responsibility over and the space between when they planned on having. A few years before the reproductive Act, the Equal Franchise Act sort of eliminated the term “The Sex.”
Then it was a topic for many literary writers/poets. Some wrote to depict it as if it was right and how things were supposed to be and others disagreed to this ideal. Coventry Patmore wrote a poem “Angel in the house” that was based off this ideal and he thought his...

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