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The Sexualization And Objectification Of Women’s Bodies

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Sexualization and objectification involves taking something and making it out to be an object rather than a living thing, and making it seem like it is a sexual thing when it really isn’t. Everyday, people frown upon women for breastfeeding in public because their breasts are supposedly too “sexual” to show any part of in public. There are also chain restaurants, or “breastaurants” that require waitresses to wear revealing outfits to show off their bodies. However, in other types of establishments, such as bars, strip clubs, or burlesque bars, women are degraded and frowned upon for showing off their bodies. Honestly, the sexualization and objectification of women’s bodies is a problem and ...view middle of the document...

Such ideas of using a woman’s body to make money off of can be seen in more obvious and quite vulgar examples. One of which being a chain restaurant based in Texas, called “Twin Peaks”. The logo for this restaurant is two mountain peaks next to each other, conveniently looking like breasts. Accompanying this logo is their slogan, “Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views.” Along with the sexual innuendos of the Twin Peaks Restaurant’s slogan and logo are their waitresses. The uniform for a “Twin Peaks Girl” is a small, revealing, red, plaid bikini top that shows off the girl’s cleavage and mid-riff. The top is accompanied by an equally revealing pair of khaki “booty shorts”.
On the Twin Peaks website,, under the “Careers” tab, the section for becoming a Twin Peaks Girl shows two girls in the revealing uniforms. Reading the section, quotes such as, “They have a ‘girl next door’ personality, offering a playful and energetic hospitality to our guests,” and, “Grab your favorite outfit, glam up your hair and makeup and visit us today.” The website refers to it, not as “applying” but rather an “audition”; also, the website does not allow an online application which proves that they hire largely based on looks. Personally, I do not like these so-called “breastaurants” and think that they play a large role in sexualizing a woman’s body. Some may say that it is the woman’s choice to show off her body as she pleases. However, this type of restaurant should not have been created in the first place. The problem with the restaurant isn’t just that it is based off of idea of coming in to eat while staring at hot girls, but rather also the vulgarity of the restaurant. Upon ordering, you find that even the menu has innuendos like, “The Mile-High Club”, “Sex on the Peak”, “Sweet things”, “Teasers”, and “Well-Built Sandwiches”. This restaurant makes no point in hiding the sexual innuendos and the perverted manor in which they go about things. On top their slogan, logo, website, menu, and strictly attractive waitresses, they also host a bikini contest each year in their restaurant.
Strip clubs, burlesque shows, and bars with exotic dancers are open everywhere. The places open, focused around these dancers, so obviously they expect women to work there....

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