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The Shackles Of College Tuition Essay

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During my first week in college, everything about college was unknown to me. From what to expect in college, to the adaptation of the college environment, the college experience seemed nerve wrecking at first. However, the lessons from Freshman Seminar proved to be beneficial towards my life in college. Because of this class, not only have I learned about the college experience, I’ve also adapted learning techniques that have greatly improved my performance in my other classes, as well as being a successful college student. Also, Freshman Seminar has escalated my confidence level toward college. The Freshman Seminar 101 Experience has implemented a very precious memory that will stay with me ...view middle of the document...

People should lower college tuition because people who can’t afford college are dropping. Not lowering tuition is a waste to people who are talented to make a difference. College should be affordable, not just for the rich, but for everyone as well; however, despite every attempt to lower tuition, it is only a temporary solution. Lowering tuition can put all people to good use. There are some programs that aren’t necessary to anyone. More scholarships can be possible to lowering tuition. Also, lowering tuition is the best thing anyone can do because it can benefit the younger generations that are trying to be more successful.
If tax dollars were to be invested to either the national health care or the military, for one, transferring taxes to health care will ensure the public's health; however, since taxes was invested in health care, there will be fewer doctors towards a medical facility since taxes weren't invested towards the public's education. Additionally, if taxes were to be invested in the military, it would ensure the public's safety; regardless, the population will be filled with less educated people due to of the lack of investment towards education. Both of these scenarios demonstrate if taxes were to transfer to anything but education. Education is the guide towards a person's success. It is the currency that allows anyone to invest in their success. With a greater education, it can create better opportunities, lives, and futures for all.
It is no doubt that having a higher education can pave the way towards an abundance of opportunities. For instance, with the knowledge that any educational facilities provide, any person can achieve his or her own dreams. Additionally, education follows a high paying career that can be proven beneficial to those who work efficiently. In order for education to be effective, it needs the financial support from taxes. With tax money, textbooks and a better learning environment can be made for the students. Taxes can't be beaten nor can it be avoided; however, it can function as a supporting system of education to create an intelligent population.
Contrary of the benefits of education, it can also improve the lives of the people. With more money supporting education, striving towards success can be more than just an added possibility. Education follows the employment of doctors, engineers, astronauts, scientist, and other fields as well. Additionally, with tax money being invested towards education, the U.S government will be killing two birds with one stone. With education follows doctors and with doctors follows the benefit of the public health. Not only that, but with education follows people that can invent tactics or other ways in the military, which can ensure the public's safety. People will be able to live better with more money supporting education.
Networking is very important to an individual’s career and their personal growth. It provides a structure that can ultimately lead to achieving...

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