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A group of people were walking swiftly along a track, but this was no ordinary path and no ordinary party. The party of five was lead by a man named Dan a commander and great leader. He served in the army during the war of the last age, but those days are gone and a darkness is spreading. His squad followed him, a team of elite warriors who fought alongside Dan in the war. There names were: Tom; an officer and seconde in command to Dan, Bill; a medic but he is also good with a sword, Archie; a skilled bowman and Grack; a short recon officer.They were travailing along the path heavily armed because the path was leading them into the Black woods, a forest that has bean consumed by the shadow. Dan halted the group, "I hear movement up ahead" he whispered."This must be it" Tom replied."I got a bad feeling about this" whispered Bill"You have a bad feeling about everything" whispered Archie. "It's not my fault" he replied. "Quiet both of you" scowled Dan. "While you two were arguing Grack has been there and back, so what have you seen Grack?""Well it's the temple alright, just" he said. "Just what?" Dan asked. "It seams to be guarded by some sort of demonic beasts" he whispered, looking timid. "Sorcery" breathed Dan "you all no what to do" and with that the squad moved out towards the temple. Dan's squad was well trained and the beasts were slow, slaying them was not difficult they then moved into the ruined temple being careful with every step. They found a chest in the middle of the temple, Dan pulled out a key and opened the chest. They didn't find gold or jewels but a stone, a perfectly round stone with green veins running through it. Dan quickly placed it in his backpack. "Lets get out of hear" Dan said moving towards the exit, the others did not need to hear it twice."Good evening Dan" said a voice in the dark that chilled you down to the bone, the squad stoped on the steps of the temple mesmerised by the sound. "Thankyou for retrieving the stone for me, if you would just hand it over we can avoid certain confrontations." The voice was coming from a man standing in the clearing in front of the temple."The only way you'll get it is from prying it from my cold dead hands," Retorted Dan. "I can't say I didn't expect this," said the figure. Then he raised his hand, out of the darkness of the tree line a small army of men emerged bows strung. Any other day Dan would have stayed and fought, but his cargo was too precious his men to dear. He then did the only other rational thing in his mind. "Run," he yelled. Under a rain of arrows Dan's squad ran to the cover of the trees but they didn't stop there, running fast through the forest for twenty minuets they...

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The Shadow Essay

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