The Shadow Of The Galilean," By Gerd Theissen

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The book, "The Shadow of the Galilean," by Gerd Theissen is based on the story of Jesus through a historical and fictional perspective. Gerd assists the readers to imagine what life was like during the time of Jesus with historical facts and with his mythical creativity. The stories that are told throughout the narrative are events from the Bible and are experiences with people who were actually recorded in the Gospels, but with a twist of fictional characters and expeditions. The main character in Theissen’s narrative is a merchant named Andreas, who had never met Jesus personally, but later couldn’t help the fact that he was always running into Jesus' "shadow" throughout his travels ...view middle of the document...

This book expels, in part, Jesus' influences on many people during the first century Palestine and how even with just his "shadow" to follow by, He is able to touch the hearts of those who have never encountered Him personally, in the most powerful way.
Gerd Theissen did a great job with combining historical facts of the Bible and fictitious people and events in order to hold the attention of readers, while still filling our hearts with the stories of how Jesus' love influences all. Andreas was sent to travel to Nazareth and all throughout Galilee in hopes of finding what all of the commotion of Jesus is all about. Andreas first encounters a family whose three sons all left for certain reasons, one of which, to the call of Jesus (pg. 65). He then visits the family of Mattias in Capernaum, whose sick daughter is expecting Jesus to heal her (pg. 97). Andreas also passes through a toll collector's booth who explains to him that there are a number of beggars who had found hope in Jesus and are expecting to receive handouts because of that (pg. 107). All of these specific events that Andreas had gone through and the different people he encountered strikes up his conversation with a few of his friends, one of which had revealed to him that she, too, became a follower of Christ. Andreas is amazed by the grand influence that Jesus has been to a plethora of people throughout his journeys and decides to finally construct his report on Jesus that he has to then send back to Pilate, in hopes of protecting Him from all of the madness that His controversial ways could provoke.
With Gerd Theissen providing multiple stories that involve Andreas' journeys and exposures to Jesus, he painted the pictures of how Jesus influenced many people throughout Galilee and how He began to be seen as a threat to the Roman Empire at that time. In Andreas’ report to Pilate, Jesus was described as a poet, prophet, and a philosopher and was hidden from the fact that He was a man who preached a belief on morals over regulations and laws and a man who also saw the Roman power as only temporary. Jesus was then crucified over Barabbas; due to Andreas seeking to win the freedom of his friend but also not trying to show Jesus in a negative light either. Pilate used Andreas' perception to have the people vote for the freedom of Barabbas or Jesus. He then condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion without any hesitation (pg. 153). Andreas was left contemplating whether Jesus was actually guilty of all of the crimes of which He was accused of, but later came to the conclusion that he will also become a follower of Jesus Christ himself. Theissen's narrative of a fictional character, in the...

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