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Character - Daniel Sempere - Compassion"'What we'd really need is someone very special, half detective, half poet, someone who won't charge much or be afraid to tackle the impossible.' 'I think I have the right candidate,' I said. I found Fermin Romero de Torres in his usual lodgings below the arches of Calle Fernando..." pg 81This quote does an excellent job in reflecting the literary element of character from the novel The Shadow of the Wind. It shows the main character, Daniel's, compassion and meekness towards the poor and towards people in need. The quote represents a time where Daniel's father is in search of someone who is able to help them at the 'Cemetery of Forgotten books' for very little money. Daniel remembers Fermin, a beggar, having had spoken to him the night he had been thrown into the streets; and thus chooses him to be the man that would help him and his father at the bookshop. He remembers Fermin as being a strong-minded man and had looked past the fact that he was a beggar. It was because of this action that Daniel is seen as a young, compassionate boy willing to help others.The article "Collin Farrell helps Toronto homeless man" relates very much so to the quotation and to the literary element. Collin Farrell is a famous actor adorn by many fans. However, while visiting Toronto, he saw a homeless man who had caught his attention. He decided to help the man by taking him on a $2,100.00 shopping spree for clothes and food, and at the end of the night gave him $10,000.00 to help pay his rent for an entire year. Collin Farrell could be seen as a compassionate man for giving money that he had worked hard for to a man he barely even knew in order to keep him off the streets. This can be compared to Daniel in The Shadow of the Wind because Daniel, too, sacrifices loosing the respect of his father by bringing home a beggar to help them at the bookshop. Daniel, however, is not put off by this possibility and does it to help Fermin.The medium does an excellent job in representing the characteristic of compassion, however, the quotation from the novel The Shadow of the Wind, does a much more effective job at describing the role of compassion. Compassion by definition is "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering." (Webster, 152 ) Although Collin Farrell does help the man by giving him money for the year in order to alleviate the suffering, at the end of the year, the homeless man will ultimately end up in the same situation as he had been in prior to his encounter with Collin Farrell. Daniel, on the other hand, takes the beggar Fermin in, and makes him work for his money. This gives Fermin an appreciation of the money being given to him whereas the Toronto homeless man sees the money as a free gift. 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.' Daniel essentially teaches Fermin to...

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