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The Sharing Of Intelligence Essay

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Since the attacks of September 11, an increase of intelligence sharing between various organizations in the intelligence community grew exponentially. Concerns over present and future threats are reasons for more intelligence sharing on an international scale. The benefits of sharing intelligence is to create better networks, have access to better information, and to help establish relationships between those involved. Although the act of sharing intelligence does have its benefit, there are factors that hinder intelligence sharing between different organizations.
The driving force for intelligence to become globalized is due to the concern of threats and issues that deal with terrorism, organized crime, and the instability of certain regions in the world. The best way to accomplish this is the integration of different resources. By globalizing intelligence, you maximize the amount of information that different organizations have access to. This access to information and intelligence gives the greatest advantage possible over the opposition since it offers the best information on strategies as well as operational and tactical intelligence. Intelligence sharing also improves international relations between different organizations involved.
Intelligence sharing creates better bonds, easier access to information, and improved relations between countries. Although intelligence sharing is not new, it has traditionally been done between close allies. The United States and the United Kingdom are the best examples of intelligence sharing between close allies. Although the US and the UK share a wealth of information between each other, in order to facilitate the changing times, the international intelligence community has to evolve in order to engage threats that operate internationally. With...

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