"The Shark Net" Written By Robert Drewe Essay: How Does Robert Drewe Shape The Reader's Response Towards People And Places And Events In His Memoir "The Shark Net"?

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"The Shark Net" written by Robert Drewe is a non-fiction Autobiographical text which is part-true crime and part autobiographical. Robert Drewe captivates the reader's interest through the events, places, and people of early his childhood and adolescence, and the Eric Cooke serial killings. By using techniques such as symbolism, language and selection of detail, Drewe positions the reader to respond with intrigue to his experiences.At the age of six Drewe was required to move from Melbourne to start a new beginning in a foreign environment 'Perth'. From his early childhood growing up with different children in both the coastal environment and Melbourne he begins to use the frequent repetition of "The Sand People". Language has been used to juxtapose the culture, the way of living in Melbourne compared to the way of living in Western Australia. He refers to the "Sand People" to be living close to the dunes, and "Sun and wind had rearranged the appearance of the Sand People, too-tanned, freckled, scabbed and bleached them. With their darker skins, red eyed, raw noses and permanent deep cracks in their bottom lips, they looked nothing like Melbourne people". This quote symbolizes this importance of the beach and sun to locals, and underlines the differences of the people in Melbourne and Perth.Once Drewe leant the way of life in his new environment 'Perth', he becomes increasingly more aware of the social indifferences between himself and his father and mother. The lack of communication with his father, and the over protectiveness of his mother creates a barrier between them which escalates into an on going conflict.This is reinforced when Drewe's father avoids certain aspects of parenting and instead hands him a "Father and Son" booklet, and again when he discovers that he and his mother have different perspective views on life, that they have been slowly drifting apart during his adolescence. Emotive language has portrayed Drewe in these issues to feel like an outsider, "I was a stranger in our own kitchen". This is shaping the readers to feel more sympathetic towards Drewe in a positive manner. It has also emphasized that Drewe may have not enjoyed his adolescence as much as he could have because of the lack of communication when regarding topics such as 'sex'.Rottnest Island is a...

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