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The Sharpest Lives Essay

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We all gathered around the great circle. The shaman followed Chief Okanauwa. We greeted the others of our tribe, the men told stories of hunting and war, the woman talked about daily life. Then the rattles began and everybody quieted down.

The shaman was an elderly man, wise and revered, he had been living for as long as I have been in our tribe, which was my whole life. He spoke in a deep yet faraway voice that commanded everybody's attention. Those who feared him had reason, he was not just a shaman of the highest degree, he was the spawn of gods. He was adept in using the spirits for the good of the tribe. Those who wished harm found that he knew before anyone else did. He would use ...view middle of the document...

She knew that this was the end for her and she knew how to weaken the monster. She grabbed a knife, and stabbed herself in the chest. The monster fed off human souls, they needed to be alive for him to devour the souls. With this action she would not be prey of the monster. The monster crept over to the baby. It's monstrous gaze fixed on the child. The child did not cry, it looked at the monster and smiled. The monster howled and raised his hand and swiped at the child. White light flooded the house. The beast wailed. The light prevented him from devouring the child. Music filled the room as the Great Shaman's from days of old appeared. They chanted and the beast was warped to a cave where it was locked away, forever. Before the shaman's left, they created balance. The baby would have the power to stop the beast should it ever be summoned out of it's cavern, however it would also be the one who would fall to the creature's attempts and be possessed by the beast. The baby then wept for all who had lost their lives to the monster."

When he finished, he grabbed the knife off the ground and hummed. He cut a mark in his forearm, letting the blood drop in the blaze, each tribe member did the same. When it was my turn I paused and looked around. I saw my mother and father staring off in the distance, I saw my brothers and sisters absolutely still. I took the knife, slashed my arm. And let the blood flow of my arm into the fire.

We all went in a group to our homes. For this was the season of the Winter Beast. My mother and father were already tucking the girls I for he night. Simoa, my elder brother was probably off with his wife, Fior. I crept onto the skins that were my own and tried to fall asleep. I dreamed of the monster, long fangs and all. I dreamed of the story with myself as the baby. name of the man before.

I woke up in the dark. There was not a single person in my home awake. I crept out of the home and went for a walk. I walked along the stream bed. The sound of the water relaxed my nerves from the previous ritual. I don't know what it is but come this time I can't help but feel connected to the story. The monster seems so familiar to me. Why I don't know. What I really want to know is what happened to the baby. I know where to find the answers....shaman. Every year I think about asking him but I never did. Today though could be different, in the distance I saw his fire going. I knew it must be early since he is always the first one up. He lives far away from the other homes, I think that is has to do with some isolation purification. I decided then that I would ask for more about the legend, I slowly walked up to the hut. The sound of drums was all that I could hear. I held my breath, do I really want to know more of the beast. I closed my eyes, knocked on the door. I heard the door creak open and I opened my eyes.

"Declan"! My name is called and just like that, I am woken up from...

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