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The Shelter Continued Essay

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“If you…..” screamed Frank. “ No! Either you go to hell, or go find your own shelter!” Bill snarled back.
“It’s not going to work Frank… maybe we should just go,” Marty slowly said. “To hell with that idea!” Frank seethed.
“We are staying right friggin’ here, till he opens that door!” Frank exclaimed in fury.
“You boys best get out of here,” Bill started “Go into a basement of somewhere, just get OUT OF MY DAMN HOUSE BASTARDS!”
“Please Bill… Let us in… we don’t want to die,” Martha begged, pitifully.
All of a sudden, the Conrad station boomed out, “RUN! The bombs have been dropped 40 km away for New York!” then the radio crackled dead.
“What are we going to do? Help us Bill, PLEASE! Don’t just protect your family, protect ours as well! You’re a doctor; you’re supposed to protect us! Grace, please tell him! For the kids!” sobbed Martha. She knew it was in vain though.
Jerry started knocking on the door with a broken pipe that was left amongst the floor of the basement. He was knocking is so hard that it started to crack. “I you don’t open this door RIGHT NOW, I’ll break it down! You’re my best friend, and I hate this but it’s for my family!” screamed a possessed Jerry.
“ We are all going to die… I don’t want to be left alone…” Paul quietly sniffled.
A sonic boom rang out multiple times in the distance. “Hurry Jerry! We’re all going to die,” sobbed Marty’s wife, holding her child.
The house started falling apart and rubble falling down. “What is this?” Frank aggressively yelled.
“Bloody hell!” Bill screamed as the metal holdings fell through his shelter.
Bill and his family ran towards the entrance and busted the door open. Frank lay there with his head, blood gushing and oozing out of a deep gash. Bill saw pieces of the block, in his skull, making the gash deeper. Martha was also on the ground, with two metal arrow shaped substances, one in her heart, and the other in her stomach.
”Holy hell…” said Paul with tears in his eyes.
“Paul, baby don’t look…you’ll be… be,” Grace said before she fainted at the stench of the blood and gore.
“It’s like one of those horror movies… everyone is dead but us!” Bill cried out.
“No…no…no” Jerry softly sobbed “Please no… don’t leave me…” Jerry quietly sniffled.
“Get up man! No time for wallowing in sorrow! We need to find help! Now!” Bill cried out in frustration. “If we don’t find help, and get more supplies, we’re all going to die!”
“C’mon Uncle Jerry. Dad is right! We could die down here!” Paul said as he pulled Jerry up.
Jerry, Bill, Marty and Paul went up the stairs of the basement to the middle floor, and to the front door. When Bill pulled the door, it fell straight off its hinges, and smoke filled the room. They all started gaging and coughing until the smoke cleared up. But they were still in darkness when the smoke cleared.
“I can’t see anything outside,” Paul started.
“It’s just night time, boy” as soon as Bill said that, everything cleared up, there was nothing there. All the houses were in...

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