The Shift Of American Dreams Through Advertisements

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America is a country with wealth, dream and freedom. It is a dreamland, a paradise for many people from other places. Hence, America becomes a big melting pot for all diversities, all ethnicities. It seems a very big happy strong country that can manipulate other countries which our president believes that they need help. However, due to our wealth, our dream and our freedom, now we are all facing the very critical moment in U.S. history – we are the most materialist country in the world which we are facing a dead-end now. We are so materialistic that there is a movie called, “Material Girl”. Our world famous singer, Madonna, even sings a song called “Material Girl”. ...view middle of the document...

Since we produced, we had to find customers. Hence, America became a trading country within our society and people. There was a time in which the company would target their labor to be their consumers at the same point. We are still using this strategy today.Since most of the products targeted on working class and middle class levels, when the Great Depression came, Americans were facing a very harsh economic down slope period. Thousands of the factories closed down because no one could afford buying their products. Millions people lost their job due to the closed of manufactories. This became a horrified cycle which the World War II came and ended the Great Depression. During that time period, we were facing the second industrial revolution. Hence, 1920’s to 1950’s became a reflection of the up and down advertising industries.Advertising is accused of encouraging materialism and consumption, of producing stereotypes, of causing people to purchase items in which they are unnecessary and generally contributing to the downfall of our social system. The most prominent marketing strategy is to integrate brands into the lives of the consumers. As consumers people are subjected to an overwhelming amount of ads and this amount just keeps increasing. Anything else that is said has a fault or only true to a certain extent. Even car companies claim that their products are always better than the other competition even in the worse situations. Nothing in the world is perfect so companies should not try to portray that image. Advertising would be more reasonable if the advertisers were one hundred percent honest about their merchandise (Jevons 1-18).In the 1920’s, advertisement usually came with a detail description of the product. It usually had a list of the used of the product and the effectiveness of it. Gradually, advertising became using attractive woman, handsome young man or innocent toddlers to replace the description or the picture of the product. This change was mainly due to the mass production. More same products introduced to the public. Company needed to use different strategies to attract their customers and defeated their competitors. Advertising itself had become some of the most pervasive media in our society. They promoted the image of high self-esteem, successfulness through their products. This was the first American Dream – self-identify and self-esteem. The dream became evolving into the stock market where people believed their dream could come true. After the burst of stock market, people came back to the reality and faced the question again, “what is our dream?” (Jevons 1-18).Declared the U.S. involvement in the World War II created another American dream to its citizens. The saturated market created more fantasy to the public. More often, those fantasies were a lie. Modern advertising evolved to become the single largest contributor of apathy and numbness, lies, and materialistic views to our society....

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